What Size Monitors Are Best For Gaming?

When choosing a monitor for gaming, most people think that a bigger monitor is best. It’s a common mistake to look at size over other factors. The right monitor size and resolution depend on your viewing distance. A large monitor with lousy image quality and an underperforming panel is not a better purchase than a small monitor with a crisp, curved display. Multiple factors make a good gaming monitor, including curvature, image quality, refresh rate, and multiple display modes. We will look at all of those, as well as why different kinds of games require different features in a monitor. If you are looking for daily free spins with deposit and no deposit you need gamblizard.

How to Pick a Perfect Monitor for Your Games?

An online casino gaming site like goodluckmate will look great on any monitor. You don’t need anything fancy, though a bigger monitor might be better. But if multi-player or immersive games like racing or combat games are what you like, there are other things to consider.

Curved vs. Flat Monitor

The first thing you’ll want to evaluate is whether you want a curved or flat monitor. If you only have limited space, go ahead and get a flat monitor because curved monitors don’t come smaller than 24”. But if you spend a lot of time gaming, no matter the type of game, consider a curved monitor. The curvature makes every point on the screen equidistant from your eyes, which lessens eye strain and fatigue.


Online casino games require a lot less power in the graphics department than modern combat, simulation, or first-person shooter games. For any graphics-intensive games, the last thing you want is your picture freezing up just when you’re going in for the big kill or making a run to the finish line. If you play many different kinds of games, you’ll want to pick a monitor that can handle everything from multi-player online and action games to puzzles and casino games. Something that provides crisp graphics without lagging, stuttering, or screen tearing.


The sound might seem like a strange thing to think about when choosing a gaming monitor, but it’s a genuine issue. Especially if you don’t like to wear headphones while gaming, you’ll want to be sure your monitor comes with decent internal speakers. Some less-expensive monitors don’t have internal speakers. Of course, you can always wear a wired or wireless gaming headset or invest in a pair of external speakers. In games where sound is just as important as graphics, such as multi-player online or combat games, you don’t want to neglect it. And don’t forget to turn the speakers on if you have them!