New Space Age EDM track “Roentgen” by Sonic Radiation

Sonic Radiation goes for a spaced-out propulsive juggernaut on the freewheeling EDM energy of “Roentgen”. The rich tapestry possesses many different layers all of which work in unison to create intense cosmic atmospherics. Genre-wise it is firmly rooted in EDM, yet it also brings in elements of shoegaze, ambient, symphonic, and more into the fray resulting in a whirlwind of activity. Volume deserves to be blasted for this is a song that celebrates the communal physicality of the dancefloor. Everything about it simply draws the listener into its unique universe from the melodic progression to the pounding of the drums. Bassline here pickup with such majesty never letting up for a single moment.

The song begins immediately. Grooves are established and teased out to become feral beasts. Serving as a neat counterpoint are the wisps of the high end. Here they work to lighten the sheer intensity of the rhythm, giving it a dreamy as well as decadent lushness. Layer upon layer filters into the mix for it has a lovely glow to it. Building up to become a virtual wave of sound it crashes upon the listener. Quite intense it becomes something almost animalistic in terms of its clear-eyed razor-sharp focus on the beat, yet when paired against the reflective ambient synthesizer seems to possess a keen duality.

“Roentgen” nicely incorporates elements of dreamy shoegaze alongside the four to the floor dance beat, proving Sonic Radiation to be a true explorer of sound.