The Biggest Home Improvement Trends in 2020

From large windows and fewer frames to the return of sliding glass doors, these are some of the biggest trends in double-glazed windows and doors for 2020, defining the glazing industry in autumn/winter 2019-2020 and what is on the real estate market horizon for next year.

Whether you want to replace your windows and doors, renovate a new annex or build a new home, we have the best trends in double and triple glazing windows and doors for 2020.

As everywhere else, glass trends come and go, so here are the windows and doors trends for 2020 that we think in the Windows Bristol will appear in residential and commercial properties next year.

Sustainable Windows And Doors

In 2019, homeowners focused their efforts on reducing energy consumption and saving energy bills. Sustainability, durability and thermal performance are priorities when investing in windows and doors for their home and the environment, as most of the energy flows into and out of the house through windows and doors. Through intelligent design and technological innovation, the transition to the choice of energy efficient windows and doors made from environmentally friendly materials for heating, cooling and lighting is an important component of sustainable building design.

Sustainable Windows And Doors

Research shows that when buying a family home, natural light is said to be the number one feature of interior design that people look for in the living room!

Demand for larger windows and fewer frames is growing rapidly with popularity among homeowners in 2019, and it shows no sign of slowing down.

One of the advantages of large window panes and thin frames is the brightness and amount of natural light that permeates your home and provides the most meaningful views.

Living spaces with floor-to-ceiling windows with modern, minimal frames for unobstructed views are a trend that should be taken into account in the coming months of 2020.

One of the most popular materials for modern windows with minimal viewing lines is aluminium. Internorm is an industry leader in fashionable window designs, modern windows with direct lighting that create a bright and vibrant living environment are the way forward. Learn more about windows and doors at Internorm.

Glass Sliding Doors

Although nothing new, large sliding glass doors are on the trend list for 2020 and will remain the best choice for doors in the coming months. Offering much wider glass than double leaf doors, slim sliding doors with expansive glass panels look graceful and create a sense of spaciousness with impressive views and increased daylight.

Due to the change in modern technology, sliding doors can now be designed with a pocket that allows the glass panels to slide into the cavity of the wall so as to fully open the living space inside with the outside space to help increase the living space.

Another trend that is creating a revival in the home market is the external sliding doors, in which glass panes slide along the outer wall.

Despite the huge amount of glass, sliding doors can be safe, secure and energy saving and are a popular choice for a new Livin room extension or kitchen renovation and are even suitable for Passive House projects.

If you are looking for a quality glass sliding door system, please visit our sliding doors to see the wide range of GSL, Internorm and Air products.

Outdoor Kitchens

After the pandemic, getting use of private outdoor spaces has become essential and gained tremendous value. Because of this, you may want to consider getting an outdoor kitchen as a way to take cooking and eating, which are usually indoor activities, outdoors. Having an outdoor kitchen also gives you a new space to host parties and cook meals that indoor would have been much more complicated.

Make sure you’re getting high quality appliances for your outdoor kitchen as this also increases your property’s value. So if you’re looking for grills or even want drawers in your outdoor kitchen, look for what will last the longest in all kinds of weather and with lots of use.

Glass Extensions

The increase in the number of people living outdoors has stimulated demand for beautiful glass nozzles and is at the top of most people’s wish list for 2020 to improve their living conditions.

The popularity of creating living spaces with glass walls for spectacular views of the garden and the sky above it has grown considerably over the past few years. A modern glass outbuilding or winter gardens is a modern architecture that is becoming increasingly popular as a way to add space and style to your home.