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Polisonyx, “Electroduction”

Seattle-based electro hip-hop duo Polisonyx presents “Electroduction”, the lead single from their new album Polisonyx. Anukai has been producing electronic music consistently for well over a decade while SADO has been writing poetry for 25 years. The two met in October 2019. The way we approached this album was by bringing our work back down to the purest form of our artistry in lyricism and production, “SADO says. “For the production, we used various elements of electronic and hip-hop to grasp a familiar sound with a different twist. Lyrically, I focused on going back to my roots of Edgar Allen Poe style poetry along with abstract imagery and wordplay to enable a journey that would showcase the purest form of my poetic lyricism.”

NANCY releases mini-LP lead single ‘PLEASURE PEN’ | out today via B3SCI RECORDS

Enigmatically compelling and dripping in authenticity, bizarro-pop provocateur NANCY reveals mesmeric new effort ‘Pleasure Pen’, the lead single from 10-track mini-album ‘7 Foot Tall Post-Suicidal Feel Good Blues’, set for release January 15th via B3SCI Records (Jungle, Fickle Friends, Trudy and the Romance).

Repeatedly impressing critics over the last 18 months with his unique brand of warped psychedelia, ‘Pleasure Pen’ follows trippy, psych-infused title-track ‘7 Foot…’, and arrives hot on the heels of the musician’s ‘Happy Oddities’ EP, capturing NANCY laid bare, honing in on his true identity and taking pride in the person he has become.

Emma Miller shares new video to Low Light from recent EP Set Me Down

Set Me Down, the debut EP from Elgin, Scotland based singer Emma Miller follows the beautiful pattern raised from singles ‘Honey’ and ‘Sail Away’, sharing songs about heartache and letting go, while also representing the artist’s own small musical liberation, allowing all her imperfections and contradictions to be on show.

The songs truly represent an arc in Emma’s songwriting: bridging the organic and more produced sounds, into soft electronics and back to stripped down piano and vocals. Emma has been finding her voice over the last three years and doesn’t shy away from sharing that process here.

Faith Schueler call – Hey Christmas

Faith Schueler at just 19-years old just this week was named Rising Nashville Star by both Medium and Authority Magazine. Faith released her most recent single “March On Girl” on November 16th. Recorded and produced in Nashville by Greg Bieck and Kris Bergsnesit it features Country Music Hall of Fame member Marcus Hummon on strings.

Faith as a country artist, singer, and songwriter shares her own, original sound through her music and vocal presentation. Born and raised in South Carolina, Schueler digs deep into her roots by creating original music with a pop/country and soul twist.

Internet Sensation Mario Judah Impersonates Playboi Carti on New Video “Bih Yah”

Mario Judah became an internet sensation for his operatic, hard rock-influenced vocals, macabre lyrics, and wild-eyed intensity. But there’s much more to the 21-year-old multi-talent than “Die Very Rough.” Mario Judah had a busy week last week on socials giving one of his favorite artists, Playboi Carti, an ultimatum: “either drop Whole Lotta Red or I’ll drop it for you.” Mario has been waiting 2 years for this album and, with no word from Carti himself, he took matters into his own hands for Carti fans around the world – explaining, “I really do want him to drop it. I really like Carti’s adlibs, his energy, the baby voice is really unique and he snaps on the craziest beats. I’m doing it for the culture. I don’t even make music like him, I’m doing it out of love. We’ve literally waited 2 years so I’m filling in since you won’t do it yourself.”

Stephanie Ryann Celebrates the Holiday Season with Special Release

“I’m a big fan of traditional Christmas songs, so when it came to choosing one to release during the holiday season, the choice was tough. I ultimately chose, ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’, because it’s not just a timeless classic; it’s simple, beautifully written and heartfelt. I wanted to really hone in on the message of the song by keeping the version very stripped down,” Stephanie explains.

VIDEO: Anna Krantz drops visual for stunning new single ‘The Trouble With Suzie’

Anna Krantz’s third single in her latest bewitching series ‘new moon, new tune’ ‘The Trouble With Suzie’ takes a look at the destructive behaviours we all experience in some shape or form. Suzie represents those ill-advised choices we can all make, which don’t support our ultimate happiness and well-being but feel so damn good in the moment! So we choose them over and over again, and that’s the trouble with Suzie…

Genre-Bending Producer Black Sands with ‘Old Ghosts’

After struggling to cope with the recent death of his sister, Andrew began writing ‘Old Ghosts’ – paying respect to his sister and her struggles with drug addiction. As a way to try and navigate through the complex emotions that inevitably come with losing someone so close to you – Andrew wanted to draw inspiration from all of his past experiences and use it as motivation to move forward and acknowledge that those experiences have made him who he is today – beautifully imperfect.

Jesse Roper – “Brightside”

I’d like to see us acting more positively and calmly towards ourselves and our neighbours because fear leads to bad decisions. Lamenting over human behaviour, I wanted to avoid sounding like I was complaining. I feel lucky to live the life I live.

I wrote the beginning riff of “Brightside” just noodling around one night. My girlfriend chimed in from the other room that it sounded pretty. The first few lines tumbled out of my mouth, and I decided I’d better finish it off.

KARIMA FRANCIS – Unveils official video for moving new single “Carlessness Causes Fire”

Written earlier in 2020 and recorded remotely between Karima’s base in London and producer Tim Carr’s studio in LA, “Carelessness Causes Fire” is released digitally everywhere on 24 November.

Forming a songwriting pearl from the gritty realities she experienced during her formative years as an artist, “Carelessness Causes Fire” is both a cautionary tale to the brave and cripplingly candid reflection on the darker side of a life in the music industry.

David Huckfelt Pays Tribute to Indigenous Resisters and Water and Land Protectors on “Book of Life”

Huckfelt says, “I had a very strong desire to devote this song and video to the Indigenous resisters and water and land protectors who have been fighting not only for decades but for millennia to protect the natural beauty and dignity of the Earth. It’s not cliche, it’s not romantic – it’s the hard fact that Native people rely upon the land to live in correct relationship with the Creator, and therefore have developed a land / water ethics that includes being stewards of the Earth’s resources. Women like Winona LaDuke and Tara Houska, organizations like Honor the Earth and protests like Standing Rock are the kind of leadership we need to fight climate change & restore harmony. This song and video is my thank you to them.”

Kool & the Gang Releases New Single – “Pursuit of Happiness”

Since the band’s inception over 50 years ago, the legendary masters of funk, pop and soul, Kool & the Gang, have given music fans classic tunes from “Jungle Boogie”, “Hollywood Swinging” and “Summer Madness” to smashes such as “Ladies’ Night”, “Get Down On It” and their first number one pop hit, “Celebration”.

Philly’s cosmic psych project OOLALA releases new single “The Internet”

After a chance encounter with a glowing red crystal monolith in the desert, our glammed-up cosmic traveler clicks a screen that says “WELCOME TO THE INTERNET” and gets sucked into the internet itself, only to wind up hawking cat pictures on Amazon and browsing a dark web marketplace stocked with everything from cocaine to human arms. Directed by Max Margulies, the video culminates in an almost Lynchian spectacle in which the main character must give birth to a glowing internet baby in order to save the world from pandemic.

John Carpenter shares new song “The Dead Walk”

John Carpenter has shared a new single and visualizer for “The Dead Walk,” a track from his first album of non-soundtrack music in nearly five years, Lost Themes III: Alive After Death (set for release February 5 from Sacred Bones). The song’s pulsing synths and skittering hi-hats calls to mind a zombie apocalypse situated in a discotheque, a mental image reinforced by the accompanying visualizer in which artwork by Boneface is given creepy life by Liam Brazier’s animation. The clip also hints toward a more detailed visual collaboration to come…

(Skope Magazine) Owen Meany’s Batting Stance releases video for bittersweet album plaint ‘Krakow’

Operating under the moniker Owen Meany’s Batting Stance, Canadian singer-songwriter Daniel Walker is still exploring the expanses of human emotion following the release of his debut LP, Feather Weights.

For Daniel, creating Feather Weights was a pursuit of catharsis – trying to understand his personal experiences. After delivering his self-titled EP and doing rounds of the live circuit, he collated eight thoughtful, singularly voiced stories, all recorded above a fishmonger’s shop in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

ROYAL HORSES Release Debut LP, ‘A Modern Man’s Way to Improve’

Rock / Americana band ROYAL HORSES has released A Modern Man’s Way to Improve. The band’s debut record, A Modern Man’s Way to Improve was selected as an official release for Record Store Day 2020 and is available to download and stream on all platforms.

Former Idol Chip Days Releases Groovy & Soothing R&B/Holiday Song ‘Christmas Time’ Off Must-Listen EP ‘Christmas With You’

Chip Days is set to make 2020 his year as he returns to close it in a spectacular fashion. Chip Days has released his newest R&B/soul track “Christmas Time,” off his holiday EP “Christmas With You.” The soothing single radiates uninhibited energy with the driving flows and story-telling lyricism. Chip Days’ flow and vocal performance contrast the melodic beat perfectly, making it a must-listen. “Christmas Time” is a musical experience that listeners will not soon forget. The groovy bassline paired with the downtempo beat works seamlessly with the vocals, rendering it perfect for the charts. From the living room to the car, “Christmas Time” will undoubtedly impact people. With a distinctive style, this talented artist maintains a fully charged arsenal of high-quality music that supports the fact that he is set to make a strong impact on the music industry, as well as the charts. This release is a testament to Chip Days’ versatility as a musician and his innate talent. “Christmas Time” is a playlist must-add as it is perfect for the season, powerful, and catchy.

Legendary Hip Hop Pioneer DMC (RUN-D.M.C) Featured on New Society 1 Track / Video, “The Man”

Legendary Hip Hop Pioneer DMC (RUN-D.M.C) has been featured on a new Society 1 track / video entitled “The Man,” the second collaboration for the band and music icon. With instrumentation written and performed by lead vocalist MATT ZANE and guest drumming by ZAC MORRIS (Ugly Kid Joe,Hed PE, Dorothy, September Mourning) “The Man” appears an unlikely collaboration due to Zane not being known publicly for his songwriting or guitar playing but, unknown to most, he is actually a graduate of MIT for guitar.

WizTheMc releases visuals for All My Friends Are Stoned

Singer and rapper WizTheMc drops the music video for his song “All My Friends Are Stoned,” out now via 10K Projects/Homemade Projects. The easy-going anthem was recently released as part of his EP What About Now, a collection of 7 songs, written by WizTheMc. Described by VMAN Magazine as “your new musical obsession,” WizTheMc notes that “All My Friends Are Stoned” and its music video – directed by Justin Singer from Director X’s production house, Fela – act as a nod to his “stoner high school years,” hanging out with friends, smoking joints and playing video games. Next week, WizTheMc will follow up the music video with a series of live performance videos to close out the year, showcasing songs from What About Now, including “All My Friends Are Stoned.”

Waldo LaRue New Single ‘Go’

Waldo LaRue defies all odds in this summers block-buster. He has been working his butt off leading up to now; hoping things take off like a Space X rocket. He is a singer/songwriter with goals to sell out arenas.
World tours, plaques, and awards. He once told somebody that he wants to sing like Justin Bieber, dance like Chris Brown, and win awards like Billie Eilish. Sleeping on those dreams isn’t something that happens much.

He loves writing; lyrics. Infatuated with rhyme scheme, and influenced by hip-hop/rap through and through. Sixteen bar verses are where it started. Now he aims to take you on a ride to the moon and back.

Ready for broadcast… Joseph from Canadian jazz / folk group The Keen & The Kind

The Keen & The Kind is a five-piece jazzy folk pop band from Winnipeg, Manitoba. They are easy-going folks with music that sparks emotions in their listeners, with songs ranging from upbeat pop or groovy smooth jazz to thought provoking folk.

They advocate for those affected by mental health and addictions. The upcoming single “Joseph” shares Violet’s story of her great grandfather who was born in 1900, fought in WW1 and struggled with alcoholism throughout his life.


As soon as the song “Dreamlover” by Mariah Carey struck the airwaves, Kory Burns a South Florida native began his passion for music. Even in the adolescence of 14 years old, he knew there was no stopping until he reached the top. Discovering his soon to be known talent, Betty Wright came into the scene and found a diamond in the rough unexpectedly at his Uncle’s successful Christmas tree business in Miami.


Big Freedia, the Queen of New Orleans Bounce, is heating up the holidays by releasing the track and video for ‘Better Be,’ featuring Alabama rapper Flo Milli. The latest single, produced by Gold Glove, is off her holiday EP, Smokin’ Santa Christmas, available on December 11.

“This track is about putting 2020 behind us,” says Big Freedia, “Next year better be big, new, and Red Bottom shoes!” The video was filmed at the New Orleans Joy Theater.

Big Trip Releases Debut Single “Pack” Today

Denver, CO rapper Big Trip released his debut single “Pack” along with the official video on Friday. Formerly one-half of Colorado rap outfit, Low Hanging Fruit, Big Trip is stepping out as a brand new solo act with “Pack”. The visual shot pre-quarantine by Zay Jones finds Trip alongside beautiful women in Miami, lounging with libations perfectly underscoring the track’s braggadocious energy.

Tunic – New single “Exhaling” out now

Our new song, “Exhaling,” is about the depression you feel when you’re on week nine of an eleven week tour. At a breaking point, you start to doubt every choice you’ve made, tensions are high, and arguments erupt simply from pure exhaustion.

“Exhaling” was part of a batch of new songs we wrote right after completing the recording of our debut album, Complexion, and is one of the first songs we wrote with our new drummer, Dan Unger. Their feel and intuition on this track is a big part of what sets it apart from our previous work.

Italian-Born Electronica Musician Souvlaki Releases A New Video For His New Single “Isolation”

After announcing the release of his second EP titled “Continued Survival”, the Italian-born electronica musician and producer Souvlaki unveils another piece of this new work, which was preceded by the single “7LUNGS” (featuring Slim Gong) at the beginning of November.

“Isolation” features Deborah Grandi on vocals and is presented with a stop motion video directed by Souvlaki himself, along with Carlo Rodella and Nicola Nolli.

Bella Thorne New Release SFB

Bella Thorne is an American actress, model, singer and director born in Pembroke Pines, Florida on October 8th, 1997. Along with being a NY Times Best Selling author of “Life of a Wannabe”, a business mogul, Bella continues to star in major motion pictures such as “Infamous” and the “Babysitter” series.

Ana Shine Shares Touching Single, ‘Goodbye’

‘Goodbye’ follows Ana’s sensual pop single, ‘Lights Outs’, which received firm support from radio stations across the UK including North Manchester FM, Radio Ashford, Nova Radio, Assess North West, Nevis Radio and The Island Radio in the Isle of Wright. ‘Lights Out’ also earned Ana over 69,000 streams since its release back in August.