L E A Releases A Vulnerable & Heart-Wrenching Ballad in ‘Let Me Go’

A vulnerable, heart-wrenching ballad, “Let Me Go” holds nothing back in exposing how deep-rooted emotional and verbal abuse really is. Beginning with a fragile piano and a chilling voice recording, the feeling of being trapped, worthless, and verging on suicide teeters throughout the first verse onto the chorus. “Let Me Go” is an honest recount of the moments playing out, where L E A reveals her struggles to cope with trauma, understanding both sides, and putting things to rest.


One traumatic moment can shake the very foundation and change the outlook on life moving forward. The trauma runs deeper when tied to betrayal and abuse from the one person who you thought you could trust. There’s no way to fully come to terms with that moment that shatters the very existence of a relationship, and even harder to cope when the abuse leads to an inability to defend yourself and share your side of the story. There’s always two sides to the same story, and Los Angeles pop-rock artist, L E A, shares her side within her single.