Husband and wife Country music duo Lovella Release “Mary, Did You Know?”

Husband and wife Country music duo Lovella brings their fans a touch of Christmas with their single “Mary, Did You Know?”. This holiday season, Lovella will have listeners everywhere wanting to curl up next to an open fire and relax in time with their soothing melody and beautiful harmonies, that makes Christmas that much sweeter. Lovella brings 2020 to a comforting close with their cover of “Mary, Did You Know?”.

“This is our favorite time of year and we love singing Christmas songs; they bring a nostalgic feeling that truly can change a bad mood in seconds. We love this time of year so much that we decorate the inside of our house and the tree all in October! We also got engaged on Christmas Eve which makes this season even more special for the both of us.

This year we wanted to share some holiday spirit with one of our favorite Christmas hymns! This song really seems to strike a chord with people and we were inspired to share our version of this beautiful traditional hymn. We are really grateful to have such wonderful people following us on our journey and new fans who have been loving “Mary, Did You Know?”. We are excited for our new songs being released this next year and we hope to keep connecting with as many people we can along the way. A huge thank you to everyone who is listening, liking and following us! We love you and appreciate your support!” -Merisa & Josh