Playground Sessions Review 2020 – Best Piano App

When it comes to learning piano—or any other musical instrument for that matter, you want to ensure you are using the best techniques and tools available so you can learn fast and easy. Indeed, there is no replacement for hard work and regular practice but with the best piano applications out there, the experience has become much more comfortable and fun for new learners. In this article, we will review Playground Sessions online piano course and app.

  • A Comprehensive Software – Playground Sessions’ piano learning app is not just about downloading a software or watching tutorial videos online on YouTube. It is a smartly designed, comprehensive software that comes with various unique features that allows for easy and efficient learning of piano students beginning from scratch. The tool is compatible with most operating systems, including Mac, iOS, and Windows.
  • A More Interactive Learning Platform – One of the major drawbacks of most online piano courses and apps is they lack effective communication between the teacher and the learner. This is also a prominent reason behind many students or their parents paying more for in-person sessions by experts even when they are very expensive. Playground Sessions solved this problem by developing a more interactive piano learning app that allows for real-time feedback. So now you don’t need a teacher for lessons; you can do it all by yourself!
  • Easily Track Progress with the Bootcamp Feature – As a piano student, it is important for you to keep a track of your progress so you know exactly when you need to move to the next lesson. Playground Sessions’ piano app comes with a unique bootcamp feature that allows you to do just that. The entire course has been sorted by difficulty level so you can independently move between levels to gain proficiency in them. Use the dashboard to do a data-based analysis of your progress.
  • Lessons by Some of the Best in the Business To become a better musician, you should learn things from the best. Playground Sessions’ online piano course features lessons and video tutorials from some of the well-known and accomplished musicians. These instructors include Quincy Jones, Harry Connick, Jr., David Sides, and other master tutors.
  • Gamification and Backing Track OptionsIf you have played music learning games like Guitar Hero before, using the Playground Sessions’ online piano app will be much easier for you. The course uses gamification features for a smooth transitioning to the online piano course. If you want to learn to play piano in groups from the beginning, you also have the backing track option that allows you to play piano along with strings, drums, and guitar.

Playground Sessions’ online piano course/app is a great choice for beginners just entering the world of music. To know about the course in detail, visit the Journey to Music Mastery’s website. At this site, you can find various reputable and reliable sources to learn music online. Choose from the best courses available to you and start your musical journey with Journey to Music Mastery today!