Strange Bones and Calva Louise team up for “Nine Lives” single

Today, two of the UK’s most intriguing bands emerging from the DIY scene, Strange Bones and Calva Louise, released their first collaborative single “Nine Lives” via FRKST Records. “Nine Lives” is a fast-paced, guitar-heavy track combining elements of alternative rock and pop with a punk attitude, featuring lyrics in both English and Spanish. The track, which is a statement of intent and determination for both bands, was produced in lockdown at the band’s shared creative hub, with Strange Bones frontman Bobby Bentham and Calva Louise’s Jess Allanic splitting songwriting and creative duties.

“Bobby and I decided to create a song that represents a source of new energy for us”, explains Calva Louise vocalist and guitarist Jess Allanic. “‘Nine Lives’ captures our vision in an impeccable way, to honestly say who we are and what we do.”

Strange Bones’ Bobby continues “the track is a tool against threatening ideas, the ones that are constantly involving us in society’s sordid games. We believe we always need to be ready to act with creativity as we feel every blow we receive. Instead of accepting feelings of dismay, as if we’ve been kicked, we realized that we are paying to sacrifice (instead of living) our dreams, so we decided to stay authentic.”