Edward W. Sealey New Single ‘Here For You (ft. Kendrick Washington)’

R&B, funk, and soul filter into Edward W. Sealey’s intensely personal ode of “Here For You (ft. Kendrick Washington)”. Nicely updating that classic soul sound, it has a neo-soul sort of spirit to it with the elastic funk grooves further adding to its inherent lush quality. The arrangement feels pitch perfect with every element in just the right place. Various pieces further add to the lush, luxurious scope of the work. Within the piece he incorporates elements of Brainfeeder Records into the mix resulting in an almost futuristic take on funk.


Vocals introduce the piece as the bass carefully gets into place. From this initial impulse the rest of the arrangement takes form quite quickly. By far those honeyed voices add a great deal of humanity into the fray resulting in something truly stunning. Grooves run through it all with such heft ensuring that there is a thickness to it that feels ever so perfect. Unspooling the sound with care, they allow it to gain a particularly poignancy. The message, one of support, feels ideal in this very moment where it is easy to feel so alone. Everything within the scope of the sound and the gentleness of the lyrics has a reassurance to it, one that resonates with such tremendous power.

“Here For You (ft. Kendrick Washington)” shows off Edward W. Sealey’s deft skill at creating a warm, inviting sound one that feels so visceral and so real.