Bailey Bryan previews upcoming project with the unveiling of new track “Fresh Start” 

Today, Bailey Bryan unveils her forthcoming project, Fresh Start, with the release of her latest single and visualizer, “Fresh Start.” Beginning with the title track, Bailey will be releasing a new song on the first Friday of every month as the project culminates into completion, with each new track representing its own chapter in Bailey’s journey of the pursuit of confidence.

After letting go of a dead-end relationship, Bailey was left with only herself to pick up the remnants and piece herself back together, ultimately sending her down a path of self-discovery and self-love. “Fresh Start” is a mesmeric pop track that manifests that pivotal moment with an infectious rhythm, Soca beats, sultry vocals, and lyrics about learning to let go of the things you’re unsure of and the regret that ensues, making it the perfect Sensitive Bad Bitch anthem.

In writing “Fresh Start,” Bailey came to recognize that finding yourself can be an endless evolution: “you can grow into a new mindset every single day if you want to,” she explains. “This project is just me owning that, and revealing it in my own way, each song representing a moment that triggered that sort of growth.”

Without compromising her Bad Bitch attitude, Bailey learned to embrace her sensitive side through her fresh start journey. In doing so, Bailey came to realize that this unabashed honesty and openness surrounding her emotions revealed an untapped confidence within her. From this realization came Bailey’s Sensitive Bad Bitch ethos, which is not only a mindset but a genre that can be found throughout her forthcoming project, Fresh Start. In Bailey’s words on SBB “people look at these two concepts (“sensitive” and “bad bitch”) as opposites and to me, they absolutely go together and empower each one and that’s the goal of the music.”