LEECE – Listen to “Move Your Feet”

While there are so many great songs about finding or losing love, I love that the song that I am sharing with you today is not about that. “Move Your Feet” is all about using what is already inside you to light up your own world.

This song is meant to spark curiosity in each person who hears it. The vibe of this track brings out feelings of playfulness and inquisitiveness. It lets the excitement of those emotions come through naturally, as if you were a child exploring the world again for the first time.

For myself, it’s easier to pour out emotions of sadness and heartache, but to write and produce something so far away from that really feels like a true evolution as a writer and musician. Although every song I release comes from a personal place, “Move Your Feet” really feels like the true essence of myself.

We are so accustomed to trying to get to places or achieve goals as fast as we possibly can. With this song, I wanted to represent the excitement and beauty that can come from slowing down, taking everything in, and being curious about the world around us.