New album from Kéren Entitled ‘In Form’ – Björk meets Kate Bush // Album of Awakening

Kéren grew up in a multi-cultural environment influenced by both Western and Eastern music. At the age of seven, she began her musical theater career and learned the guitar as a teenager. After studying at the Berklee College of Music, Kéren moved to the West Coast to pursue her music career. Having collaborated with a variety of artists and producers (including working with Steve Hackman), Kérens journey has taken her across the globe, touring and performing with symphony orchestras including San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Nashville and Oregon.

Her latest endeavour is the new six-track album In Form. The basics of the album was recorded at Dreamland Studios, a mystical converted church in the Catskill mountains of New York. Taking production inspiration from the likes of Björk and Kate Bush, the duration of the album contains somewhat experimental, yet consistent production. You can hear her multi-cultural influences flared amongst the tracks. The collection of songs range from more upbeat, acoustic, folky sounds, with some containing tropical flutters – to more diverse sounding tracks. The album is a real journey from start to finish, an exploration of emotion and growing; glistening with an incredibly diverse range of dynamics displayed in her wonderfully unique vocal tone. It’s the result of an awakening, with each song narrating a pinnacle defining phase and revelation in the artist’s life.

“You Without Me” is phenomenally spiritual. Kéren’s voice flows through like a wave of energy describing her life experiences. The album brings a sense of healing, through listening to In Form you are taken to the heavens with soft guitar, gentle piano that sounds like rain and stunningly vulnerable lyrics. Vocal elements throughout the album consist of ethereal builds and releases, some almost like a cry of emotion fused with her flawless vocal runs that sound effortless.