Sycco signs with Future Classic; listen to new single “Germs”

Sycco (pron. ‘psycho’) today shares her new single and video “Germs,” along with news of signing with Future Classic (behind Flume, G Flip, SOPHIE, and more).

“Germs,” co-written and produced by previous single, “Dribble,” collaborator Ed Quinn, is teeming with friction and energy, creating heat during every second of the perfect build. The ambiance behind the staccato percussion balances everything out and is tied together with her idyllic pop vox; “Ruthless with your germs, that’s just the way you work… one touch I’m done I’m stuck.” The lyrics jab at a prickly memory you surely hold onto about someone in your own life. Whether you want to be reminded of this time (or place, or person) becomes immediately irrelevant, as the pull of the song – the synths, the lyrics, the slight reluctance of the beat – is as strong and heavy as the gravity that keeps your feet on the ground, buzzing with bass.

About the track, Sycco shares, “‘Germs’ is written from the point of view of someone who is seeing their ex become a different person, and hating it. It’s a gooey jam about changing old habits. It’s called Germs but we made it pre-Covid I swear! …This is one of my first collaborations ever (and one of the only ones I have ever done IRL – thanks COVID) and I wrote this with Ed the first time I met him. It was written really quickly and we had a great time – you can hear us laughing in the background in the part where I sing ‘wait.’ I feel like the song works because of the immense songwriting chemistry we have.”