GoGoPDF Guide: Putting Password To Protect Your Document

Have you ever had second thoughts about uploading your documents online? Are you afraid that a particular individual can manage to get to your document and read your private information? You don’t have to worry much longer because GoGoPDF ensures its users that their documents are safe from people who have malicious intent with your document information.

You can also put a password for your Portable Document Format files for you to be able to protect your documents even offline. If you do not have any idea of putting a password into your documents, here is a straightforward way to do it.

How To Put Password Into Your PDF Files

One of the most common files of this generation is Portable Document Format. The risk of putting your Confidential information is a must because this is the best way to share files from one place into another. Hence, The importance of the key feature of GoGoPDF which is to protect PDF in order for your file to be protected with a password.

Step 1

The First step is to select the document that you want to put a password in the first place. After you are done selecting your desired documents, you need to upload it in the system of GoGoPDF so that their system can recognize your file.

You can have two options in uploading your document into their system by simply clicking on your file to be uploaded or to drag your specific file and drop it into the box allotted for uploading a document.

Step 2

The second step is to type in your desired password. You need to choose a password that is not that common, but you will surely remember. A particular requirement is required when selecting your password; it should include numerals, capitals, letters, and symbols.

GoGoPDF also has strong password protection, which means that the password sent to them must be strong and very specific with its letters, numbers, and character count. All of these are just to make sure that you will feel secure and keep your documents safe at all times.

Step 3

The Third Step is to wait for your document to be processed. These steps usually take time, depending on your internet connection. Once it is done, you will need to directly send your document or copy and paste the link for you to share your documents with other people.

Step 4

The Fourth and Last step is for you to download your newly transformed document. If you are having trouble with your device storage, you don’t have to worry because you can save your documents with dropbox or in your google drive online account. GoGoPDF ensures that every transaction with their system is safe, and your password is confidential.

Importance of Security

The importance of security should be the top priority when making a website for the use of the public. Hence, the extent that GoGoPDF put in the effort with its security. Once you are done putting a password to your PDF file, it will now be secured with 128-AES encryption, which is close to impossible for hackers to get through.

When you are using the services of GoGoPDF, the file is secured because every file transaction is protected with Secure Socket Layers or most commonly known as SSL. Secure Socket Layer’s job is to scramble the data sent between two parties to prevent other people from viewing your documents while transferring it into the system of GoGoPDF.


Security is the most critical thing in today’s online transactions. Good thing there is GoGoPDF for us to feel much safer with our documents. It is easy to use even for first-timers. GoGoPDF is one helping hand for our daily document needs.