Genus Ordinis Dei present “Examination”, fourth episode extracted from their metal work entitled Glare of Deliverance, scheduled for release on December 4th via Eclipse Records.

“Examination” continues Eleanor’s story, resuming where the previous episode “Edict” stopped. The Holy Inquisition captured her after a brutal chase in the forest and now has her in its clutches. The Inquisitor demands the truth, at all costs, but Eleanor treasures it jealously inside of her. Who will prevail?!

“In this episode we introduce a new character, The Inquisitor” says singer and guitar player Nick Key. “I played this part and I really enjoyed performing this character, both elegant and creepy. The Inquisitor is a very important figure in the story and tries to force Eleanor to plead guilty of dealing with the Devil (represented by the apple). Emilia Scarpati Fanetti, the actress playing Eleanor, showed all her talent in this episode representing a wide range of emotions, from frustration to fear.” Guitar player Tommy Monticelli adds “The location is the fantastic Malpaga Castle, near Bergamo, medieval castle 30 minutes far from our hometown. We were allowed to shoot in the castle for the entire day! It doesn’t have any modern elements to it and it is perfectly preserved in its 15th century, which let us easily shoot with no need for post-production. We shot sequences for more than two episodes in a single day and this was most difficult part, all the team have worked hard with no interruption: we are very proud!”