How to Choose the Best Music for Your Wedding

The pressure of getting your wedding right can feel like too much to bear unless you break things apart. If you break things apart like figuring out the music, then things come together seamlessly. The following are a few tips to help you choose the right music.

Get Inspiration

The easiest step to take is to get inspiration from others. Look at wedding videos posted online to see what songs couples have used. Rent your favorite rom-com to find songs that speak to your heart. Start with the movies you know because you probably feel connected to those songs.

Once you’re done with those, move on to the movies or show your partner likes. You should find many songs by doing this. If you don’t want to see the movies because that’ll take a while, listen to the soundtracks of these iconic rom-coms to get inspired.

DJ or Musician

The next big step to take is to hire a DJ or book a musician. Ideally, you want to choose a musician because this makes the music feel more alive. Musicians live and breathe music, so they should be able to add to your list of lovely songs. You’ll probably want to talk to the person you’re considering before deciding.

Find out what kind of music he or she knows. Tell them the kind of music you’re interested in, and see if they know what type of ambiance you’re trying to create for your wedding. Make sure you listen to this person sing to make sure he or she has the right voice for your wedding. You can also do a little bit of both if you want.

Think About the Mood

Every song has a mood though this may not be something people think about. You must categorize the music you want by mood so that you can play the right music at the right time. You want some of the more traditional wedding music to accompany you down the aisle, and you’ll want to pick up the pace when you get to your reception.

Of course, that lovely song you and your partner will dance to has to be special. Make sure some songs you play near the end of the reception strike that balance between memorable and a little nostalgic because the party is finally coming to an end. Talk to your musician to help you figure out the right mood for each part of your wedding.

Think of Style

The style of your wedding should help you find the right music. No one is saying you can’t pick whatever music you please, but the style of your wedding should connect to your music selection in some way. For example, if your wedding and reception are taking place in a barn, then it may be a good idea to find a few country songs.

Those who are having a period piece wedding should try to find a few songs from that era to sell the illusion you’re trying to create. This doesn’t mean you have to stick to one genre of music. Each genre of music adds something to each era, so you have more to choose from than you imagine. It may be a good idea to learn some of the dancing styles of that era to move seamlessly with the music.

Sample the Music

Don’t allow yourself to think you’ve got the perfect list because you’ve carefully selected each song. You need to test each song and make sure everything flows the way it should. Act out the wedding day and reception a few times to see how the music works.

Listen to the music with your partner and others to try to figure out if there’s a song that doesn’t seem to fit or might play better at another time. The last thing you want is to feel like a song is out of place. You’ll notice that when your wedding is actually happening.

Start this process as early as possible so that you have time to choose the best music you can. The sooner you can check the music off your list, the sooner you can move on to your next project.