ChuckWavy releases the official music video of “Salutations” from WavyHorry 2 EP

ChuckWavy: that is one word and please be sure to include the WAVY !!

It is no surprise ChuckWavy is on the rise and making big waves in the music industry. Before the release of Westbank, the New Orleans native made a name for himself in the streets, in the military and in the barber industry . Steamrolling off his most recent success, the Barbership is a strategically designed mobile barbershop sprinter van, coupled with his own dynamic marketing approach, has enabled him to bring the barbershop, the streets and music to one, all on four wheels.

By virtue he created his own unique approach to gaining his following. From athletes on the field, to Veterans across seas his music seeks to inspire and motivate. His latest mixtape release “Wavin A. Smith 2”, hosted by Houston’s own Sauce Walka and lead single “ReCon” are available on all platforms. The overall project and visuals are nothing short of brilliant. Label executives and A&R’s have their eyes and ears opened and peeled. It won’t be long until the two waves collide.