Bingo 90 Ball Guide

Italy is the birthplace of the game that led to the invention of Bingo and another little known fact is that Bingo is actually based on an Italian lottery game. This is hardly surprising as they both consist of numbers on a grid that have to be matched up in order to win – check out Barbados BIngo. The Italian lottery game in question was called the Lo Giuoco Lotto Italia and this popular game was thought to have first appeared in 1530. Players back then, were thought to have makeshift cards with sets of numbers on them, much like the lottery and Bingo game cards of today. In fact 90-ball Bingo that is played now shares many similarities with this old lotto game. The craze for lottery games spread throughout Europe in the late 1770s and when this Italian invention hit France it became known as Le Lotto. As is often the case in the history of gambling, the French put their own twist on this lotto game and the result was the modification of the cards into standard 3 rows and 90 vertical lines, much like modern day 90-ball Bingo. This new version arrived in the UK and eventually made its way across the Atlantic to America. 

90-Ball Bingo All You Need To know 

90-ball Bingo is one of the most famous and popular of all the different types of bingo out there. It is also known as Housie and is hugely popular in the UK. It can be played online where all you have to do is buy your tickets and sit back and watch technology do the rest and mark your numbers for you, or you can play this form of Bingo at live venues across the country.  90-ball Bingo consists of cards with 9 columns with 5 numbers on each one.  The other 4 squares are left blank. There are 3 ways to win when you play 90-ball Bingo. The first is when all 5 numbers on a line are called. The Second is when all 10 numbers displayed on 2 lines are matched and finally, the house, when all numbers are called. The same player can win all the above combinations on one card in one game if they are lucky enough. If you play online, you can buy strips that contain a collection of 6 separate tickets, buying bulk lottery tickets is simple online and you can multi task whilst the games play out. 

90-Ball Bingo Strategies 

Having a Bingo strategy can be rewarding but it doesn’t guarantee victory due to the random nature of the results. You can increase your chances of winning at 90- ball Bingo if you avoid playing at peak times. This is especially the case when it comes to the online version of the game. During peak hours there is far more competition as far more players are logged in. Taking up special offers and free Bingo sessions also helps. Bulk buying, if you can afford it, also tips the odds more in your favour.