New Single By Shayne Cook “Matters Of the Heart”

An earnest, honest ode from the heart Shayne Cook sculpts a slice of Americana on the timeless “Matters of the Heart”. Chamber pop, folk, and country effortlessly blend together to create a stream of consciousness quality to it. The richness of the sound further extenuates the gentle disposition of his voice. With honeyed vocals that recall the Fleet Foxes on their first album, his delivery is impeccable and feels so raw. He makes the guitar sing too as it perfectly balances with the tenderness of the poetic lyricism. All of it comes together in a hushed reverent awe for it swirls about in a celestial hue.

The quiet introduction is just right, with the hit of the drums working on a time-keeping as well as an emotional level. Everything about it has a spacious quality to it. Quite spacious every instrument is given plenty of room to roam. So much quality flows through the piece for the tasteful quality helps to give it a thoughtful disposition. Layer upon layer filters into the mix ensuring that it all feels acutely balanced, with every verse carefully laid out for maximum impact. Over the course of the piece it becomes completely all-consuming as the song builds itself into a fantastic crescendo. With the latter half of the piece that burst of energy gradually fades away returning to its quiet origins.

“Matters of the Heart” reveals Shayne Cook to be a tremendous storyteller.