Kandy Apple Redd New Song ‘Do Things’

Kandy Apple Redd (KAR) drops their Isotopia Records debut with a new sexy sound on “Do Things”.

A sultry sensual sound rises above from Kandy Apple Redd’s silky smooth “Do Things”. Everything about the track feels charged with an intense energy. Layer upon layer is filtered into the mix giving it a lush, luxurious tenor. From the crystal cool of the synthesizer to the way the beat hits just right it all has a great degree of intimacy. By far the highlight of the entire track comes from Kandy Apple Redd’s inviting vocals. Her voice is front and center of the entire mix for she incorporates a great deal of emotional within these verses. Lyrics further emphasize a yearning, aching quality one that feels absolutely incredible. Pop, R&B, and electronica all nicely filter into the mix making sure it has a heavenly hue to it.

Beats introduce the track with the right edge. The gracious stately glide of the keyboards feels plush for her voice nicely rides the groove with so much energy. Proving to be an exceptional lyricist her voice builds and builds upon the intensely felt passion. Delivered with so much fire the way that Kandy Apple Redd lets the sound become such fire feels fantastic. Every word is chosen with the greatest level of care making sure that the piece has a wildness to it. For the final stretch of the track she lets loose a little bit as the track reaches a fantastic crescendo.

Kandy Apple Redd delivers a powerful, potent piece of pop on the sexually charged “Do Things”.