Why not linen?

Since time immemorial, the usage of the fiber of the flax plant has paved its way into the pages of history. Facing a modern world where sleep is scarce due to hectic schedule in our day to day lives, the quality and not the quantity of it has come to matter.

What is linen fabric?

Linen comes from the fiber of the age old flax plant which is cut, pressed, dried and scrapped to obtain linen fabric. Obtaining linen is an extremely laborious process specially when done in bulk amount. It is extremely durable and is the most suitable material for various life purposes.

Why linen over cotton?

Cotton, used far and wide as the fabric for bed sheets, shirts and pillowcases is no match for linen. A sheet of linen lasts longer than cotton because of it high durability. Linen on washing gets smoother with every wash. Linen also beats cotton in the comfort sector, as it absorbs around 20% of the sweat and provides a dry, cool and much more breathable surface to the skin of a person. In the lifestyle of metro cities, we all come across low availability of sunlight while drying clothes, thanks to all the high rises around us. Linen beats other fabrics in this case as well. It dries twice as quickly as cotton and also is anti-bacterial in nature and does not allow the accumulation of harmful bacteria in the fabric.

Why no mention of it nowadays?

Linens due its thousand merits also come with a price. It is costlier than most other fabrics but also durable and long lasting ones. Due to the tedious process of manufacturing linen, the labour cost comes off as high and due to this demerit, the linen industry has suffered a huge blow dealt by the synthetic fiber industries.

Linen a rising trajectory

With the advent of the age of high incomes and low mental peace, the focus has once again shifted to comfort over money. Summers in the torrid regions of the earth wrecks havoc in the life of the daily office workers. They often strive for comfort in the high class offices where they work through the entire day. They look for materials that are breathable, fashionable yet classy. There comes in the concept of linens. Not only do they look better in formal dress codes, but also ensure breathable and sweat wicking fabrics that have patterns on them and last longer than cotton.


Improper or uncomfortable sleep at night gives rise to many health ailments like insomnia, restlessness, low-focus, low-mental activity, indigestion and a lot of other health hazards. Toiling for the entire day at office and then rising early for the next day fails to leave enough gap for the body to heal itself and deal with all the stress. Due to the high workload in most offices, a good night’s sleep has become a luxury more than a necessity. The work progress of a person who has had a quality sleep is always much more than a person struggling to stay awake at the office during office hours. The appearance of the person also becomes somewhat distressed with dark circles around their eyes.

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