Protect Your Online Courses Premium Videos with Adilo Video Hosting Service

Imagine you put in lots of hard work to prepare an online course to sell to your audience. The next thing you know is that your online course is stolen and available on social media and all the torrent websites. How would you feel? Well, you’ll be angry and disheartened because your revenues will go down. But what if there is a solution to protect all your premium content?

Well, there is a new video hosting company in the town named “Adilo” that aims to protect your premium content and online courses from internet theft. Although there are other videos hosting companies, the problem is that most of them offer login-style-based security, which is not reliable and fails every time.

If you think some Chinese or Russian hackers will steal your videos. Well, you’re mistaken because the people who steal videos are your actual paying customers. It doesn’t matter what type of security software you’re using; your videos will get stolen and leaked with login-based security.

How Adilo Protects Your Premium Content?

Adilo video hosting service uses multi-DRM encryption that delivers your premium content to your customers across all the devices without any stress. The DRM security feature offered by Adilo makes you in charge of your content, which means that you can control who watches your content, and you can select a time when a person will watch your content.

The system issues each user session-based permission to your premium content without any re-encryption. Moreover, the DRM security offered by Adilo supports Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine, Advanced Dynamic AES, and FairPlay streaming.

How Adilo Multi-DRM Encryption System Works?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how the Multi-DRM security system works for both content owners and audiences.

Content Owners

  1. Content owners log into his Adilo and upload his video with DRM markup.
  2. Adilo starts to encode the video.
  3. Using DRM license markup, Adilo encrypts, and packages the video.
  4. The encrypted video is then sent to the streaming server of Adilo.
  5. The license markup is sent to the Adilo’s license markup server.


Users will open the video to watch wherever you have embedded the video.

  1. Adilo’s dynamic video player will capture all the user’s details. It will request a file from the video streaming server and a decryption key from the Adilo’s license server.
  2. If the request is valid, it will get authenticated, and the license server will generate a session-based one-time decryption key.
  3. The requested file and decryption key is sent to the player, and the user will stream the video.
  4. Once the viewing session is ended, the decryption key will be destroyed. Even if the user manages to steal to the decryption key, it would be useless. Suppose the same user wants to watch the video again. In that case, the server will generate another key that will expire as the session ends.

Final Words!

Adilo is one of the best video hosting platforms to host all your videos without worrying about your videos getting stolen. The features offered by Adilo are unique, and the price plans are affordable. Go on and give it a try!