Hymen Restoration surgery in Delhi: Procedure, Recovery, and Benefits

As science and technology have progressed over the years, there have been revolutionary changes in medical treatment. Almost every part of our body can now be treated effectively and made as good as new. Hymenoplasty is a surgical procedure of this exact sort. The procedure, which is also known as the revirginizing surgery famously, completely reconstructs the hymen tissues. This surgery is usually done to restore the virginity of a female.

Some women who had been sexually active before marriage consider undergoing hymenoplasty as they would not want their partner to know that she had an active sex life before getting married. This is because some cultures consider intercourse before marriage unethical and a violation of religious values, and an intact hymen is considered to be a sign of the female’s chastity. In cases like this, women undergo a hymenoplasty before marriage to regain their virginity.

Hymenoplasty is not exactly a medical need. It is rather a choice a woman makes for herself. Women who are sexually active before marriage, have been a victim of assault or had their hymen broken in some strenuous activity like gymnastics and horse riding choose to undergo hymenoplasty because they want to restructure their hymen, which makes them a virgin again.

Although the surgery is not a medical need, it has to be performed by skilled, experienced doctors to avoid any complications. Patients are suggested to do online research and find hospitals that perform hymenoplasty in Delhi.

What is the procedure of hymenoplasty?

The very first step for getting a hymenoplasty in Delhi is to visit a good gynecologist for a check-up. After a physical examination, the gynaecologist makes it clear if there are any precautions that need to be taken before the surgery.

The surgery is performed under local or general anesthesia, and the patient is placed in a lithotomy position. A lithotomy position implies that the patient would be made to lie on her back with legs flexed at a right angle from the hips. The procedure is started by uniting the torn remains of the hymen tissues and it is proceeded by using surgical techniques that make the vagina tight. After the surgery is done, some ointment is applied and no dressing is done. Post-surgery, in the recovery period, the patients are suggested to keep the area clean and apply ointment regularly.

The first few days after the surgery can be a little uncomfortable. The patient might experience pain, for which mild painkillers are given too, along with some antibiotics. Some antifungal medication in the form of cream, ointment, tablets, or suppositories is given as well to be used for the first week to steer clear of yeast infection.

Recovery after the surgery

After undergoing a hymenoplasty, the patient might feel pain and experience some bloody discharge for about a week. After a week, the pain starts to fade away by itself and the patient begins to feel comfortable. It is always good to stay in touch with your gynecologist in the recovery period and keep giving them an update about the progress. This enables the doctor to monitor the recovery and identify if there are any complications post-surgery.

Benefits of getting a hymenoplasty from the best gynecologist in Delhi

Hymenoplasty can be chosen by women for a number of reasons. Some advantages of getting a hymenoplasty done are listed below.

  • It provides restoration of the hymen to bleed during sex
  • Women living in conservative societies benefit from hymenoplasty as they can take control of their future.
  • It gives a new start to victims of sexual assault.
  • Women who tear their hymen in strenuous activities can restore their virginity with this procedure.
  • One of the most important things to keep in mind is the choice of doctor and hospital. Always refer to the best hospital and gynecologist for hymenoplasty in Delhi to get the best results.

Following the advice and instructions of the gynecologist will always help the patient to recover quickly and safely. Some suggestions may include wearing loose, comfortable clothing, keeping the area clean, regular application of the ointment, etc. In case you feel there is something unusual or oddly uncomfortable, talk to your gynecologist immediately to avoid any further complications.