Artist Austin Joyce Released Highly Anticipated Single Called “Meaning”

This song follows a previously released single called “Expose” and exemplifies the battle I had with the concept of existence. What was the meaning of each breath I took and why did this world seem so temporary and fleeting. Throughout my life, I always asked myself “why am I here and what am I here for?” The meaning of life seemed so distant, which would keep me up at night. I was always looking for answers and didn’t know what would happen when I left this Earth. All the uncertainty weighed on me, but then I met God. I felt the freedom of knowing Him in the hardest times and He lifted my burdens from me. I want the world to taste the joy that comes in Him. Everyone is searching for a purpose and I want to help, but I’ve learned that I just need to sit, listen, and love people. I look up to the Cross and see His grace is sufficient for me. He is the Meaning of life.

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