Indie pop songstress Boh Doran evokes anger and serenity with new single “on fire

Boh Doran is no stranger to turning cathartic release into beautiful, ethereal indie music – her latest single & video “on fire” delivers a shot of pure feeling with a perfect stylistic push-pull to keep you on board the emotional rollercoaster until the very end. Falling stylistically somewhere between Mazzy Star, The Cure, Smashing Pumpkins and The Cranberries, Doran seamlessly combines dreamy indie with a 90’s alternative rock sensibility awash with lush guitars, textural drums and a poignant vocal performance.

Themes of imperfection and self acceptance are portrayed perfectly in the accompanying video, which serves as a visual kaleidoscope capturing moments both angelic and sinister.

“This was the first song I started writing during quarantine. I was going through a complete life change. Everything happened so fast – I had a surprise kid, was suddenly a mom, and then put on lockdown for the first 6 months of Rocket’s life (my son) when I had already been on ‘lockdown’ for 9 months of pregnancy. With no end of staying at home in sight, my new normal was a COMPLETE 180 from my previous musician, LA lifestyle. The song is about all the feelings I wanted to put away, but sometimes ended up bursting out anyway, IE ‘on fire’ “