Eunice Keitan Shares Dreamy New Single + Video

Singer-songwriter Eunice Keitan’s work mixes R&B/Acoustic Soul and World Folk influences. Both her international upbringing and her eclectic music background surface in the themes of many of her songs, where she explores mental health, social inequality and social change.

Eunice just released a new track, “Standing With You,” written 5 days after the death of George Floyd:

“During those days I read a pamphlet that was circulated immediately after the lynching of Emmett Till. It felt eerily like it was written yesterday and it got me thinking and asking a lot of questions about what really needed to happen so that we could stop repeating this same cycle of hate and injustice over and over. All of these things combined sowed the seeds of what would become ‘Standing With You’. The message of the song is one of empathy and solidarity. It is a promise to do better and the hope that if we can move forward together as one we can see real changes.”