Face Emojis To Use For Different Moods

Our facial expression has many forms depending on our mood or what we feel in a particular situation or something that affects us. We have to bear in mind that facial expression affects people’s impressions of us. It’s a cliche, but some people stick to what they say “the first impression lasts.” Make sure we make our first good impression.

In a face to face conversation, there are some instances that your facial expression might be misunderstood. But, as technology continues to its advancement, we can now express our feelings without the thought of being misunderstood. Learning some facts about emojis would help us understand how to use them.

Pleading Face Emoji

This emoji shows pleading or trying to convey that you’re begging for someone or something. Sometimes, people use this emoji if they too want something from someone or need a favor. In couples, this puppy eyes emoji is a cute emoticon you can use if you want your partner to do as you say or grant your demands.

Suppose you receive this emoji from someone close to you. You may know immediately what that person wants. And the fastest way to respond is your search for another emoji the same to what that person desires. But the problem with this is, will that person be satisfied? That’s terrifying.

Disappointed Face Emoji

This disappointed face emoji could affect businesses where you ordered food with a very tempting photo on it, but you did not get what you expected. That would force you to send this emoji. And if it can be seen by other persons who almost got the attention of a good photo, it could surely change their mind quickly.

In a relationship, the partner says so many promises and does not do what he/she said. Receiving this emoji, by looking at its shape, could make you feel guilty for what you have done. This emoticon is such an emotional emoji, and let us not ignore people using this because it might mean a lot to them.

Persevering Face Emoji

Emojis does not only appear on chat or emails. You may also see it on the other person’s timeline. Meaning the person might have done something that he has given it all to get it but failed to attain it. It might feel hopeless about something if it needs someone’s attention. Maybe when you feel confident that you can help that person, do it! You might save a life!

Tired Face Emoji

Showing a tired face can be easily determined through our face. But some people are exhausted making this emoji so useful to them. The reason you are tired at work is countless. If you receive a tired face emoji from someone close to you, make sure to ask them why. To show them that you’re always there for comfort.


People have different moods every day, there are days that you don’t feel like moving, and there are days that you are full of energy. The place we live in or our home is the first thing that affects our mood. Sometimes, we tend to attract negative attitudes when stressed; that’s why we always need to choose our stressors.

People always have problems to face daily, and it’s up to us on how we react to those negative thoughts. But, there are just unavoidable circumstances that may burst out our emotions and will somehow affect the people around us. We have to be aware of how our emotions affect the people surrounding us, whether it be your partner, your workmates, or your child.