Emoji for Health and Wellness

Health affects our day to day living; it may be at work, at home, or with your loved ones. It matters a lot because our life depends on how healthy we are. As technology rises, health also affects this matter. Even on email, chats, or other platforms, the advanced communication way affects the health side. No wonder as the number of emoji grows, we can also shortly relay health-related talks.

Many health-related emojis are available, take a look at your keypad and see the variation. Many of these are body parts, such as hands, tongue, eyes, head, tooth, and even muscles. Even different types of face emojis also have health-related emojis like a face wearing a mask, which is very useful in the pandemic.

Flexed Biceps Emoji

When we talk about a big muscle, the first thing that will pop up in our mind is a gym, bodybuilders, or workout-related activities. People who usually go to the gym might typically use this muscle emoji. Expressing different thoughts like, for example, being healthy, have a lot of protein, and stay fit.

Being healthy is not only in the physical aspect but also in mental elements. Like somebody is suffering from something that weakens someone’s eagerness in a particular situation. Sending this emoji to go on and be healthy will readily be understood. To those portraying to be a superhero or a villain, you might receive flexed biceps emoji.

Foot Emoji

The emoji meanings for barefoot is not one but it has many meanings; it can mean spiritual awakening to some or only just going for a walk at a park. When it’s a spa day, most women use this to mean they have foot spa or pedicure. Some people use this emoji to convey a message for some sexual activities or excitement or what they call “fetish.”

Leg Emoji

The leg has a significant role in our bodies. It helps support the upper and lower part of it and allows us to have a good posture. Having strong legs or biceps, especially to the athlete, can beat a lot of obstacles. So sending a leg emoji may be a sign to jog and run to obtain a well-built leg.

Let’s have boys talk! When we talk about legs, especially for girls, it might awaken our naughty minds. The portion is the body part where you can determine if it is so skinny, smooth, and flawless to touch. For example, a stranger or a very close friend who is a girl suddenly sends you this emoji might be an intense sign that something will happen. Just make sure that only girls send you this one.

Ears Emoji

Ears emoji could mean that someone wanted to be listened to or acknowledged. When you post this on your social media, people can easily understand that you want them to listen to you. Ears are also commonly used in those mental health campaigns. Listening to someone or being heard has a significant impact on promoting mental health.


During this pandemic, people realized the great importance of health; they are now more conscious. Being healthy does not only mean you’re physically fit. It is essential that we also take care of our inner self or mental health. When you are healthy, you’d be able to spend more time with your loved ones, and you can live longer and achieve your goals in life. We know that it’s a cliche, but “Health is Wealth.”

We have to realize that what we eat affects our physical health in the long run. We might have a fit body, but the needed vitamins are lacking. This time, we need to practice good eating habits and regular exercise as part of our daily routine to boost our immune system and fight against the Covid-19 virus.