HeIsTheArtist New Song ‘Landslide’

Heistheartist offers a beautiful bit of bliss with “Landslide”. Done with the greatest level of care, they provide a fantastic cover of Fleetwood Mac’s gentle ode. Cascading gestures gingerly work their way through with a compassionate tact that feels ever so welcoming. Guitar work opts for a nimbleness for it deftly slides on through with a shoegaze meets country presence. Vocals employ a far-off approach at first but gradually work their way closer to the listener. Lyrics of course maintain that timeless quality to them while the vocalist gives them so much additional power. Everything about it has a delicate sensibility while the piece unfolds in myriad ways.

The gentle ebb and flow of the work gives it a hypnotic, trance-like aura. Vocals seem to waft up into the infinite as they give every line such a dreamlike disposition. Guitar work has a flexibility to it with the rhythms gaining their own natural cadence. A hushed awe seems to inform the entirety of the piece for it has its own crystal clarity to it. Everything works itself up into a virtual stream of consciousness as vocals intermingle and weave together to create something impeccably serene. For the final stretch of the piece it slowly seems to return to the origin giving it a “river run” quality, going for a full circle.

“Landslide” shows off the restraint of Heistheartist in crafting stripped down pastoral moment that resonates long after the track has ended.