New Video By Nas “Spicy” (feat. Fivio Foreign & A$AP Ferg)

For as long as it’s been around, rap music has been the ultimate hype up music. It’s played at parties, football games, and played before an exhilarating night out. It’s the art of coming up with words that not only rhyme and go together but make sense— the art of describing a specific feeling or emotion in the quickest way possible. “Spicy” (featuring Fivio Foreign & A$AP Ferg), the newest single from Nas’s newest album King Disease, does exactly that. The fast pace, high energy song is the one everyone will be blasting in their cars on their way to the hottest parties and clubs – or when you feel like you need a pick-me-up.

A song like this would only be appropriate to shoot in a high energy location. The vibe that the song and music video gives off is unbreakable confidence. Something that all of the great rappers tend to possess. The rhymes Nas, Fivio, and A$AP Ferg spit are like their own version of a pick me up and a reminder of how awesome they are. Something they want every single person to know. The song starts off strong with the wailing screams of a police siren – something that can be heard throughout the track, and something to make everyone stop and pay attention. The track continues on this beautiful flow of words and beats and the occasional drops that get every crowd hype. Nas has made it clear that he knows what he’s doing when producing hit singles. “Spicy” is another one he completely knocked out of the park.

The music video for “Spicy” is nothing short of absolute fire. Nas, Fivio Foreign, and A$AP Ferg start the music video strong by being surrounded by their crew, with the occasional message of reminding people to wear a mask. After that, the video goes into high speed with flashing vibrant lights of the city and speeding expensive cars that leave fire in their paths. The video then shows Nas in an expensive fur coat and suit while impressive street dancers show what they’ve got. Just when you think the video will stay in the city, Director Jack Begert switches it up with intriguing and sick visuals. He shows Nas with his head like a melting candle, beautiful women being pixelated in and out and faces being morphed. The video ends in an impressive looking room with fire flames are blazing and with the boys just goofing off and having fun. The lights are zooming by, the colors are vibrant, and the vibes are as good as it gets. There’s no doubt you’ll be feeling “Spicy” long after the video’s done.