Chrystain Lehr releases new single & visuals for “Pardon Me”

Clearly a genius in his craft, artist Chrystian Lehr is creating music that’s fresh and exciting. And judging from his solid fan base of over 300K active social media followers and subscribers across Instagram, Soundcloud, Facebook, and YouTube, the world agrees.

His soulful magic can be heard on his latest EP Offline, which features the work of Grammy award-winning producer Luney Tunez, best known for producing for Rihanna and Future, and songwriter Mickey Shiloh, best known for writing for Janet Jackson and Britney Spears.

Featured on MTV Buzzworthy and BET Jams, Chrystian’s music creates a language that mixes feelings, emotions, and complexities into sounds and words that speak directly to your heart. The heart doesn’t judge; it only listens and feels, making Chrystian’s music truly awe-inspiring. While his lyrics set the stage, it’s the melody that whisks you away, almost into another realm.