Feature Q&A – Dana Crowe – ‘Anchor In The Blue’ By Dan MacIntosh

Dana Crowe is a singer/songwriter originally from Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, who has settled in Melbourne, Australia. She’s a fine writer of original songs, and even had the guts to take on Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.” She took a few minutes to tell us a little about herself.

DM – What inspired you to crank up your cover of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”?

Alessandro convinced me to do it. I thought it was absolutely insane to even suggest I’d do that song because Adele is incredible, and the song is massive. After he sent me a demo to get me interested it sounded so different that I couldn’t resist trying. I take no credit because he gave me the little push out of my comfort zone and had more confidence in me then I did and I loved the end result and sound that came out of playing around with that song.

DM – I read how producer Alessandro Stellano “could hear that hint of country twang” in your voice. Can you say where this twang comes from? If so, what are some of your country music influences?

I think it just comes out naturally from growing up in the country. I never noticed until other people started mentioning it. The only country music I liked was Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash…. but I love that kind of country southern rock like Creedence Clearwater Revival and The Band.

DM – Your bio states you’re from Wagga. Is this Wagga Wagga, New South Wales? What was it like growing up there, and was there indigenous music you were exposed to there?

Yeah Wagga Wagga! It’s a great place to grow up in and I love going back. It’s more of a sports town then music but everybody still appreciates when there is a live band playing at the pub. They could definitely support local and indigenous music more then they do. Hopefully that’s changed and I just haven’t been around to see it.

DM – What made you want to relocate to Melbourne, Australia?

I love the culture in Melbourne. It’s a diverse creative city and there’s something for everyone. It’s been suffering this year with Corona restrictions and lockdowns so hopefully we make it through and come back strong.

DM – You list Bruce Springsteen and Fleetwood Mac as influences. If I put a gun to your head, and asked you to name your three favorite songs from each artist, which songs would you name?

Tough question. Springsteen I’ll go with “Dancing In The Dark,” “Human Touch” and “Hungry Heart.”  The ones I put on repeat the most with Fleetwood Mac are “Sara,” “Go Your Own Way” and “Gypsy.”

DM – The song “Hurtin” has a girl group vibe running through it. Is that you singing all the vocal parts, and what music inspired the track?

That is me. I love background vocals and harmonies. Sometimes they get a little lost in the final mix and I always want them louder. I was listening to The Supremes and those kind of great girl groups from that era.

DM – You’re seen holding a guitar on Everything. How would you describe your guitar skills, and who are some of your favorite guitarists?

I play rhythm guitar. I have a straight-forward steady style of playing that is a combo of strumming and fingerpicking depending on the song. I’m mostly self-taught and feel I’ve got a bit lazy once you know enough to get you through but there’s always something to learn so it never gets old. My favourite guitar players are George Harrison and Lindsey Buckingham

DM – Your biography talks about a follow up to Everything. Is that completed, and if so, what’s it called? What can you say about it? 

The follow up became a few singles because I got impatient and was short on time. At the moment I’ve got another few songs ready to record that will go on an EP with “Anchor In The Blue.” 2020 slowed things down but as soon I get the chance to record, I’m ready!

DM – In addition to “Rolling in the Deep,” are there other songs you cover in concert?

I’ve got so many covers up my sleeve I’m a bit like, ‘wind me up and watch me go’ and playing songs that everybody loves. It is most enjoyable. I’ll play anything from Buddy Holly to Madonna.

DM – What would you say is the most personal song you’ve ever written? Is it ever tough to perform it live?

All of my songs have a bit of me or someone I know. It’s not tough to play them I just feel a bit more vulnerable and insecure when I’m playing my songs.