Everything to know about succulent

There are millions and billions of plant species present in the world. The people do not even know the names and characteristics of a plant unless they are professional. Out of all other varieties of plants available in this world, succulents are well-known plants. Succulents have a thick and fleshy appearance because they have the ability to store water in them. Succulents are named so because of the juice or sap they contain. Succulents have a unique property of storing water in their different parts, such as leaves and stems. However, they can store water in their roots. The succulents that store water in their roots are known as geophytes. The following are some of the details and the things which a person needs to know about succulents. Moreover, a person can buy succulents online. In different stores and on several websites, a person can find succulents for sale.

A detailed description

Succulents are drought resistant plants containing roots, leaves, and stems. They have a fleshy appearance because of the unique property of storing water in them. Succulents that are grown in extreme weather conditions and dry environments are known as xerophytes. However, all xerophytes cannot be classified as succulents. Some aquatic plants can also be classified as succulents. 

Characteristics of succulents 

Succulents are known as unique plants having unique qualities and characteristics. They have a fleshy appearance. The fleshy appearance is because of the ability to retain water in them. This ability is known as succulence. In addition to succulence, succulents have a unique characteristic or metabolism known as Crassulacean acid metabolism. This metabolism is known as CAM photosynthesis. This metabolism is the mechanism of carbon fixation being used by the plants that grow in dry and extreme weather conditions. 

The stomata of these plants remain closed during the day and open at night, which helps them to minimize evaporation. The stomata are open at night, which supports the collection and diffusion of carbon dioxide into mesophyll cells. During the night, carbon dioxide is being stored in vacuoles—the carbon dioxide stores in the form of four-carbon acid malate. During the day time, the malate is converted into carbon dioxide after being transported to the chloroplasts. The carbon dioxide being stored before time is concentrated around an enzyme known as RuBPCase. This enzyme is known to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of photosynthesis. The leaves of these plants are sometimes absent or sometimes cylindrical in shape. Therefore the cylindrical shape gives them fewer stomata, which helps for a decreased evaporation. 

About the habitat of succulents 

Succulents are known to grow everywhere in the world. They are found in every continent of the world, with the exception of Antarctica. However, it is quite famous for succulents that they grow in dry and rough areas of the world such as semi-desserts and desserts, but in the driest parts of the world, succulents are missing. Succulents have the ability to grow in harsh weather conditions.

They even grow in such conditions and places where it is impossible for other plants to grow. Thus succulents are not restricted to a single habitat in the world.