Dana Crowe Presents ‘Anchor In The Blue’ – Release 9/18/2020

A fiery passion races through Dana Crowe’s hard-rock tinged “Anchor In The Blue”. Her lyrics possess a sense of urgency for she delivers them with so much tremendous energy. The clipped style and the carefully balanced verses unfurl to reveal a greater story, one of defiance and perseverance. Everything works in service of her undeniably strong vocals from the steady insistent rhythm that seems to punctuate her words to the muscular guitar riffs that further emphasize the sense of purpose that is displayed deep within the sound.

Volume is an absolute must for the track begins with a righteous sense of purpose. The guitar blares out with a tremendous power for it sets the tone for what follows. Upon the inclusion of the vocals swimming through the sea of distortion things truly begin. Kept front and center in the mix the entire time her voice has a commanding presence. Done with so much raw grit and soul the way the work grows and builds up has a majestic sense. At times the track recalls rock n’ roll’s roots in terms of its delicate balance between bombast and tenderness. Her delivery is impeccable as it is crystal clear and razor sharp with its emphasis. Over the course of the piece they let the tension build up until it reaches a virtual breaking point. For the final stretch they let loose in a way that feels particularly earned.

Dana Crowe delves into something truly beautiful on the powerful “Anchor In The Blue”.