Andria Piperni – Presents “Above The Clouds”

“Have you ever thought to yourself “I can’t do that”, “I’m not good enough”, “I don’t know how”, or something like that? Well, I have. I’ve battled with that stupid little voice in my head many times. It’s human. Fear kicks in as a way to “protect” us from risks, from pain. But you know what else fear does? It stops us from trying new things. It gives us excuses to not go after what we really want. And if you ask me… that sounds a lot more painful in the long run.

I wrote my single “Above The Clouds” as a reminder to myself that, as hard as it may feel to put yourself out there, as scary and uncertain as the future may seem, pushing through fear will always be worth it.

I look forward to sharing my debut EP Who’s Counting? with you in January. I think this year has forced us all to shift our focus, and the important things in life seem more clear now than ever. Although most of the songs were written beforehand, they were all recorded during the pandemic and reflect this sense of awakening.”