Amir Beats releases visuals for “I Like The Ones”

Amir Beats is a Artist/Producer/composer/DJ/Drummer/Keyboardist, and videographer from Houston, Texas. With yet another new release, Amir Beats is back with brand new visuals for his latest track “I Like The Ones” –

Amir beats is a composer, producer, DJ, rapper, singer, audio engineer, drummer, actor, and videographer from Houston, Texas. He started out at an early age playing drums for his church and taught himself how to play the keyboard. While attending the University of Houston, he began making slowed and chopped mixtapes and deejaying parties. He later started to rap and sing. And, was putting his songs on mixtapes along with the other popular artist. Amir beats was on his way to stardom when he became sick and because of his sickness landed himself in trouble with the law. While he was institutionalized he finished his bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences, and received radio bds airplay for his two singles “Holla at Me” and “Make you proud”. He was released to Jersey City where he became involved in the community, and began putting out mixtape albums, doing shows, acting, and releasing videos for his songs.