6 Bathroom Styles For Your Dream House

Every one of us dreamed of what our house would look like based on our type of style. There are many people who are specific about the design of their place they’re going to live from the main door to the garage, this article can help them decide what style they want their bathroom to look.

Bathrooms are one of our sacred spots in our house, where we take a refreshment bath, where we run when our stomach is upset, and lastly, our meditation spot where you can spend 100% of your time alone with no distractions.

It is one of the smallest spaces in our house where we often neglect to bring life to it. Here are several bathroom furniture that can help you find the perfect design for that dream house you might consider as your reference.

Over The Toilet Cabinet With A Touch Of Zen

For small bathroom spaces, a cabinet above your toilet is a perfect choice. This type of style can save you space and can give you enough storage. You can put your towels, shampoos, lotions, toiletries, and even add some plants to create a more relaxing ambiance.

Wall Mirror Cabinets

These types of cabinets can be placed above the sink, near the entrance of the bathroom doors. Medicine storage is used to be bald and visible to your guests when entering the bathroom, which slightly disrupts your personal space. This mirror cabinet is the answer to that problem.

You can hide all your medicines and personal things inside the mirror cabinet. Having a mirror in your small space creates an illusion that helps make it look more expansive than the original size.

Paper Towel Holder

This type of furniture is also essential in your bathroom. The design and look of your paper towel holder give a unique touch in your bathroom. The Paper towel holders can also be used as tissue holders; it depends on your want. In the modern world, people tend to bring their phones in the bathroom. You can place your phones on top of the holder.

Corner Cabinets

The corners of your bathrooms are usually dead, and you don’t know what to put in there to add more design in that small space. Good thing there are corner cabinets now where you can use them as storage for your bath towels, tissue rolls, bathroom cleaning detergent, and many more. You can also add potted green plants for a more Zen ambiance.

Trash Cans

Trash bins are essential in the bathroom. The selection of its design and color should always be incorporated with the rest of your bathroom furniture. Trash cans are necessary because they maintain your space’s cleanliness for a more healthy and safe environment.

Stick-On Organizer

We all have different rituals when taking a shower, but how can you save time and complete those rituals of yours at the same time? Simple, bringing all those tools inside the shower with you. To combine shaving, toothbrush while taking a shower, you must have a stick-on organizer.

You can place your razor, toothpaste, and brush in one place. Its texture is silicone, so it’s easy to clean and resistant to dirt and different bacterias. It also comes in different colors, depending on your bathroom style.


Bathrooms used to be one of the most neglected spaces in our house, and people tend to leave it that way. They are now part of your home’s important rooms to design and create a more refreshing ambiance.

There are different types of furniture on the web or warehouse in which you can choose. The ones listed above are important pieces of furniture that you will need for your dreamlike bathroom. To create a perfect ambiance, you need to pull all your creative skills together; and mind you designing your bathroom is fun.