Tips To Consider When Buying Your First Bike

Amidst this pandemic with COVID 19, each individual is more conscious about his/her health. Proper safety measures are followed to avoid having this life-threatening disease. One good example is by wearing your mask properly, avoid crowded places, time to time adequate hand washing, and appropriate social distancing in public places.

One of the most challenging ways to follow these guidelines is the proper social distancing in public places, especially when commuting to work. It is also challenging to get a cab during this pandemic because other transportation ways are limited. It is close to impossible not to contact other people when commuting, even with proper precautions.

One good example to avoid commuting and dealing with other crowded places is to have your bike. Bike to work has become a trend these days during this pandemic. This trend started in japan way back years ago; although it is prohibited in their country for cycling to work is banned mainly because of safety and insurance concerns.

Tips On Buying a Bike

A bicycle or most commonly called a bike or cycle, is a man-powered vehicle with two wheels in its front and back. Cyclist or Bicyclist is the most common name of a person who rides a bicycle. A bike is usually used for recreational riding or means of transportation. It is also an excellent method to spend cardio exercise for health-conscious people.

There are a lot of choices when buying your first own bike. A diverse option is available when choosing your first own bike. The most common bikes are Mountain bikes, Road bikes, Hybrid/Comfort bikes, BMX, Commuting bike, Fixed Gear, Folding bike, and many more. In buying your first own bike, it all comes down to what satisfies your needs.

With its diverse choices of types and brands of the bike, a bike’s quality also follows. The type of bike and brand of it correspond with its price. The higher the price, the more quality you can get from it. Most bike owners might develop a fondness for their bikes, making it more valuable to them. An outdoor bike storage is one way to protect your bike from harmful practices.

Choosing an Outdoor Bike Storage

Before buying outdoor bike storage, you need to consider the following factors. First, you need to check your bank account if you can make this decision. You can choose a lot of different facilities to store your bike. All of this depends on how much do you want to invest in keeping your bike in good shape and safe.

Secondly, you should think about is space. One reason why you need to build outdoor bike storage is that you don’t have enough room in your house or garage. Locking and keeping your bikes indoors is the most proficient way of keeping your bike safe. Keep them out of sight from your window, and you’re good to go.

The third would be for its security. Outdoor bike storage is definitely for you if you want to keep your bike safe and remain in good shape. Give access only to people you trust with your important things. Try to keep your bike in private and away from social media to avoid thieves’ prying eyes; always remember that they are everywhere.


The bike is one of the most game-changers when it comes to transportation. It gives you cardio exercise to maintain a good healthy lifestyle and saves you a lot of money because it doesn’t need fuel. Maintaining a bike is essential, and keeping it safe should be on top of your list. Having outdoor bike storage fits well in solving these priorities.