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The Secret Sisters to release new “Saturn Return” commentary album on September 18

Produced by Carlile, Tim Hanseroth and Phil Hanseroth, Saturn Return was released earlier this year on New West Records (stream/purchase here). Recorded at Carlile’s home studio in Washington state, the album finds The Secret Sisters with a new creative focus, singing individually for the first time instead of relying solely on their trademark harmonies—something Carlile challenged them to do. In celebration of the release, Laura and Lydia were featured on “CBS This Morning” this past May as part of their “Saturday Sessions” series performing three songs from the album: “Late Bloomer,” “Nowhere Baby” and “Hold You Dear.”

CRYSTAL SPIDERS: watch new video “Fog”; new album out this month!

North Carolina’s one and only CRYSTAL SPIDERS release the third single taken from their upcoming debut album ‘Molt’, due out September 25th via Ripple Music. Watch “Fog” today exclusively over at The Sleeping Shaman website!

“When you think of the most iconic duo’s who play loud and heavy music, it’s usually the combination of guitar and drums that are the standard. (…) Crystal Spiders are taking things off in a completely different direction, and it’s a must listen for stoner fans, looking for something new, and altogether refreshing in the whole genre. (…) This album, after repeated listens, it’s consistently good, from start to finish. There are no duff tunes, nothing is out of place, and there are times where so much is going on, it’s hard to believe it’s a duo.” describes The Sleeping Shaman website.

Video Premiere: Crystal Spiders ‘Fog’ – Debut Album ‘Molt’ Set To Be Released By Ripple Music

Hear a New Single by J. Pavone String Ensemble: “Rise and Fall”

“Rise and Fall” highlights the use of free movement within a structured composition and clearly demonstrates Pavone’s recent experimentation of using both time-based and metered sections within a given piece. The ensemble oscillates between converging from meterless time-based material to bars of the notated score only to then eventually emerging back to free space, demonstrating the beauty created when string instruments are left to oscillate between given pitches at their own chosen rate within a structured piece.

The Phoenix Foundation (Memphis Industries, Nadia Reid, Tiny Ruins) – Share New Single, ‘Landline’

The band’s sixth LP comes littered with a whole host of talent from NZ – Nadia Reid, Hollie Fullbrook of Tiny Ruins, The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Dave Dobbyn and Anita Clark all make an appearance. Adding somewhat to this NZ feel of the record, the band have collaborated at length with Taika Waititi previously, scoring the acclaimed soundtrack for Hunt For The Wilderpeople as well as providing tracks for Boy, Eagle versus Shark and What We Do In the Shadows – Taika actually directed some of the band’s old videos too, one of which features Brett from Flight of the Conchords.

Historical Dual-Violin Folk Metal Band ISENMOR Unleashes “Furor Teutonics”

“‘Furor Teutonicus’ is one of the most intense tracks on ‘Shieldbrother,’” says guitarist/vocalist Tim Regan. “It has become a mainstay of our live set because of the energy and ferocity it delivers. The song is topped off by Nick’s lightning-fast violin run at the end, which sounds amazing and is hypnotizing to watch.”

ISENMOR Heads Into Battle in New Song "Furor Teutonics"

breakout artist Noah Cunane delivers an addictive party anthem with new track & official video “Vampire”    

Today, Noah Cunane releases his new single and video, “Vampire” another addictive track accompanied by an electric visual- watch HERE. The track has a pulsing, riotous beat that will surely get fans on their feet. “Vampire” will transport you to a night out, dancing the night away, when a fascinating stranger catches your eye and sparks a whirlwind romance. With this release, Noah gifts fans with his signature rhythmic voice and catchy lyrics, but “Vampire” introduces fans to a new side of Noah’s music.

Budukusu “Pray” New Single! Featuring Rasta Steve


The video plays on the lyrics “How long ’til the days get better?”, telling the story of BOO SEEKA frontmen Ben and Mikey dealing with a slew of annoying situations throughout their day. Somewhat painful and frustrating to watch, but also somewhat amusing, the video encapsulates how a lot of us are feeling at the moment.

Ricky Reed’s video for “Catch You’ with Lido Pimienta premieres today!

Of the video Reed notes, “Lido Pimienta is a builder of worlds. She created a whole world when she wrote and recorded the vocal for ‘Catch You,’ and then she, Andres, and Gustavo gave that world three dimensions in this music video. She is as brilliant a visual artist as she is a musical one!” Pimienta explains, “The video came to me—as with many of my ideas—in a dream. A vision of hope and trust, and knowing that before we can love anyone else, we need to truly love and trust ourselves. This song was written during very uncertain times. As an immigrant and racialized woman, I knew the vision would be more powerful if we worked with other black women that live fiercely, who were also raised by fierce women that taught them the importance of the contrast of tenderness and strength. The video mirrors the song: a collaborative spirit, yearning for peace, acceptance and spiritual growth, reminding us to not forget our inner child.” While Benjumea adds, “‘Catch You’ represents the effort of committed and talented individuals coming together to create magic.”

Lost Horizons Share New Track “I Woke Up With An Open Heart” Feat. The Hempolics

Today Lost Horizons have announced news of their new album In Quiet Moments. The album features a stellar array of musical guests including John Grant, C Duncan, Marissa Nadler, Porridge Radio, Penelope Isles, Karen Peris (the innocence mission), Tim Smith (Midlake), Ren Harvieu and many more. The 16-track album will be released in two sections. The first half (8 tracks) will be released digitally on December 4th and the second half and full physical release following on February 26, 2021.

numün (mems SUSS, Gamelan Dharma Swara) Release Debut Album + Video for “tranquility base”

Numün is a trio of New York City soundscape designers who combine a wide range of music and visual influences to create hypnotic aural and visual experiences. The band members include “ambient country” pioneer Bob Holmes (from SUSS) as well as new music composer and artist, Joel Mellin, and percussionist and multi-instrumentalist Chris Romero (both from Gamelan Dharma Swara). Their influences range from sonic artists like Brian Eno and Morton Sobotnick, to the environmental visual artists Olafur Eliason and Elias Romero, to Balinese composer I Nyoman Windha and shadow puppet master I Wayan Wija. As individual artists, their work has been seen and heard at MOMA, The Met, Basilica Hudson, The Bali Arts Festival, NPR, New Sounds, Echoes, and has been featured in Mojo, Wire, Pitchfork and Aquarium Drunkard.


“Boy on the Lake” is from Briskin’s forthcoming mixtape, Forever Was A Feeling, also recorded with Jamie Reynolds. The work captures the claustrophobia and euphoria of late adolescence, mixing nostalgia with an overwhelming relief that the whole thing’s nearly over – all seen through the eyes of a realist who can’t help being a bit of a dreamer. The result is dark pop, with a glimmer of light never too far away.

Alternative Metal Band, ALBORN, Sign Distribution Deal with Imagen Records

Alternative metal band, ALBORN, have signed a distribution deal with Imagen Records (ADA, Warner Music). Their debut EP Impairative released on August 28, 2020.

“When the opportunity opened up for me to sign Alborn to Imagen, I jumped on it. I’ve known these guys for years and have worked closely with them. The songwriting is so unique to me. It’s fresh and not predictable. I think people will get so much out of what this band has to say,” says Imagen Records’ A&R Representative Morgan Rose.

FEUERSCHWANZ Releases Official Music Video for “Im Bauch des Wals”

German medieval rock masters FEUERSCHWANZ have released the official music video for their song “Im Bauch des Wals” (english: In The Belly Of The Whale). The song comes off their brand new album Das Elfte Gebot which was released on June 26 and landed at #3 on the official German album charts, where it remained for 8 consecutive weeks.

EmmaTrend “Promised Love” New Single!

REALIZE: Industrial Metal Trio Shares “Melted Base” Video

Arizona’s REALIZE channels Godflesh, Nailbomb, and Meathook Seed with their sophomore full-length, Machine Violence, assembling an abrasive and hyper-aggressive take on industrial metal. In advance of the record’s September 25th release via Relapse Records, today the band unveils a video accompaniment to the track “Melted Base.”

Historical Dual-Violin Folk Metal Band ISENMOR Unleashes “Furor Teutonicus”

“‘Furor Teutonicus’ is one of the most intense tracks on ‘Shieldbrother,’” says guitarist/vocalist Tim Regan. “It has become a mainstay of our live set because of the energy and ferocity it delivers. The song is topped off by Nick’s lightning-fast violin run at the end, which sounds amazing and is hypnotizing to watch.”

ISENMOR Heads Into Battle in New Song "Furor Teutonics"

Second Release ‘LDR’ By DuncanC

After a long absence from song writing, Indie Singer/Songwriter DuncanC from Jersey, UK, finally found the confidence to put his songs out there back in April this year with the release of Nhs-the Real Heroes. A charity single about the current climate we are living through and also in support of the Nhs (National Health Workers) in the Uk. This second release `LDR` (Long Distance Relationship) is a follow-up to that and is about the optimism and hope experienced at the start of any relationship and in this case a long distance one.

Freddie Dredd Turns to Claymation for His Latest Nightmare

Freddie Dredd turns rap music on its head with his gory lyrics and pure-evil aesthetic. Translating his twisted worldview into vivid claymation, Freddie prepares to haunt your dreams with his new video “DARKO.” A horrorcore banger with rumbling bass and distorted sound effects, Freddie embodies the human mind’s deepest and darkest thoughts, urging his followers to commit unspeakable acts: “I’m the one who gonna tell you what the f*ck to do/Swing the axe so fast it’s gonna split your head to two.” Directed by Alex Machin, the “Darko” video tells a modern-day ghost story, as Freddie confronts a hypocritical preacher under the influence of a mysterious shadowy figure. With echoes of films like Donnie Darko and Beetlejuice, the “DARKO” video finds Freddie succumbing to his worst instincts and battling Lovecraftian monsters…but was it all a dream?