How To Add Value To The Outdoors Of Your Home

1. Give The Exterior A Freshen-Up

The principal focal point of your home is the exterior, so why not give it a freshen-up this season? Pressure washing is a great first step for homes that have painted wood or stucco as the exterior, it will remove old dirt and ensure that you don’t have any nasty mold growing. You can give the wood or stucco protection for years to come by giving it a fresh coat of paint, in fact, this will go a long way to improving the exterior from an aesthetic point of view as well. For homes that have brick, rock, or natural stone exteriors, pressure washing first is also a great option, followed by a fresh coat of paint for the eaves to really give the property curb appeal.

2. Outdoor Living Spaces

Summer is a wonderful time to entertain and dine in the great outdoors. Whether it’s your back garden, your front porch, or some other outdoor area that is part of your property, ensure you have a great outdoor space for entertaining family and friends. Outdoor furniture that is in good condition, as well as brightly colored cushions and attractive landscaping can go a long way to make the area look welcoming. These outdoor dining spaces really come to life with overhanging planters, vases of freshly cut flowers, and pretty pots.

3. Consider Upgrading Your Doors And Windows

Certainly, upgrading parts of your home that are related to entertaining can make your property very sellable, however, upgrading parts of your home that will last a lifetime are just as important. Doors and windows are part of this and considering an upgrade is a worthy investment. Look at options that are energy-efficient, for example, double-paned doors and windows that block the sun’s harmful rays. Before you put your property up for sale you can ask a home inspector to check your doors and windows to see whether they are in need of replacement. For homeowners who live in extreme climates, door and windows upgrades should be at the top of the list.

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4. Get A Pool Fitted

The more outdoor amenities your home has, the more exciting it is as a sellable property. Ensure that you really ‘sell’ any outdoor amenities your home boasts, whether they happen to be a hot tub, a pool, a summer kitchen, and so on. If you have a pool or are getting one fitted, make sure that it is professionally cleaned and in good repair, as well as this, provide potential homebuyers with a maintenance record so that they can see that you have been dedicated to the upkeep of the property.

5. Add Modern Plants To Your Outdoor Space

Potential homebuyers are greatly influenced by the landscaping of a property, especially if they are househunting during the summer months. If your landscaping is tired, outdated or needs a freshen-up, think about using modern plants to achieve what you are looking for. You can create the ideal look by combining shrubbery and blooming annuals with pavers and mulch. You can also create a feeling of texture to your home by using a mixture of landscaping materials.

6. Make Use Of Seasonal Color

If you can create the sense of your property being the ‘ideal home’ you can go a long way in selling your house. You can create that sought after ambiance by adding seasonal color to your outdoor area. Choose landscaping that will complement the exterior of your home and accent this with colorful furniture. Something as simple as painting your front door and mailbox can be the tipping point for a potential buyer.