How To Get Your Health Back On Track

Are you in need of some motivation to get yourself back on track to being healthy? Ensure your health is covered with In addition to this we have gathered together 10 quick tips to get your diet healthy again and ensure you are living better on a daily basis.

1. Increase Your Water Intake

Take a 1.5 litre (2.5 pints) bottle of water with you to work each day and promise yourself to finish it by the time you are going home. It’s true that you will likely need to use the bathroom a few more times during the day, but that little inconvenience is nothing.

2. Follow The Recommended Portions Of Daily Fruit And Vegetables

This can be made easier by using smoothies and dried fruit. Different countries have different recommendations, however, between 5-10 portions daily is a good guide.

3. Always Eat Breakfast

This is the most important meal of the day! Go for slow energy releasers, such as porridge topped with fresh fruit.

4. Do A Weekly Meal Plan

Always write a shopping list and stick to what is on it – if you are hungry, don’t go shopping, as you are sure to end up filling the trolley with nothing but junk food! Learn more about creating a weekly meal plan that can contribute to better health, save time and money, promote creativity in the kitchen, and reduce stress associated with mealtime decisions.

5. Keep Healthy Snacks Close By

These may include dried fruits, cereal bars, low-fat yoghurt, hummus and so forth.

6. Take The Time To Remove All Fat That You Can See From Food Before Cooking

Remove the white fat from meat and the skin from chicken before cooking. As well as this, try to keep processed foods to a minimum as often you can’t actually see the fat but trust us, it is in there!

7. Cut Down Stimulant Intake

The obvious ones are coffee, alcohol and refined sugar, cut them down as much as you can in your diet.

8. Only Eat Out Once A Week

Take a packed lunch each day to work or choose the healthy soup option at the canteen (by healthy we mean steer clear of that creamy option).

9. Eat Well

Don’t fully cut out a food group from your diet – for example, carbs, in the hope to lose weight quickly. Your body needs you to eat well so that you get a good balance of all food. And don’t opt for denial – you may lose your sanity in the process.

10. Choose Foods You Actually Like To Eat

Find out what foods work for you and don’t make yourself eat healthy food that you find quite simply revolting.