Kiss The Gun Second album ‘We See You’ follows dream start with ‘Nightmares’

‘We See You’ from Kiss The Gun is out now on their own imprint KTG Records on CD and Digital. Kiss The Gun is blessed with a rhythm section that hits you like a freight train, astonishing vocals and soaring solos; the songs are packed with catchy hooks and melodies. That’s what it’s all about, make no mistake: these guys rock!

‘We See You’, this band’s 9 track second album burst into life and was recorded, mixed and mastered by Kiss The Gun in just 8 days. The band have built on the positive experiences around creating and touring their well-received first album ‘Nightmares’. The massive sound the band have captured on ‘We See You’ is potent, balanced, and rich.

The line of for Kiss The Gun is: Abigail Austin – vocals; Gerry Hearn – lead guitar; Dave South – bass; Graham Exton – rhythm guitar and Rob Taylor – drums. Kiss The Gun is very much a collective. On ‘We See You’ writing duties are shared equally between Abigail, Dave and Gerry; each individual’s musical performances have reached new levels of maturity between the two albums, and blend together perfectly on this new record

‘We See You’ is a statement of intent from a band with plenty to say. Whilst of course the touring industry is mothballed at the moment, the band cannot wait to get out there and crank the new material out live!

Open your eyes to ‘We See You’… Kiss The Gun are truly firing on all cylinders.