‘UNREAL’ is the new single from JULIA STONE, her second offering for 2020 and follow up to her striking return ‘Break’. Buried beneath the darkness of ‘Unreal’ is a hidden sweetness. Beginning its journey as a synth-gilded tale of friendship, the sample-heavy, richly layered track also speaks to the experience of feeling disconnected and unseen within a relationship. ‘Unreal’ and ‘Break’ will feature on a greater body of work to come produced by Annie Clark (St Vincent) Thomas and Stone herself.


Written for her close collaborator and producer Thomas Bartlett, Stone explains the track’s anatomy – a dichotomy between darkness and delight. “When I’m with Thomas, I feel like myself. I don’t have to hide any part of who I am because I’m all loved by him,” she explains, before swiftly shifting the focus – “The song, like songs often do as they come to life, transformed, and became both about feeling real and authentic with someone and the opposite of that – the feeling when you’re around certain people and it’s hard to be yourself for whatever reason”.