Ale Amor Wins 3 GRMA’s at the 2020 GRM Awards

As many @skopemag followers know – we love being involved with the GRM Awards. Well today we get to chat with an artist that had a major night at the 2020 GRM awards. Ale Amor won 3 GRM awards and we are thrilled to talk all about it here!

@skopemag: Where are we talking from today and how was summer 2020 for you?

@aleamor: Hi, today we’re talking from East Oakland and summer here has surely been a storm of events both environmental and emotional

@skopemag: How long have you been pursuing music and when did you take on the alias – Ale Amor?

@aleamor: I’ve been fully invested in music for five years now although I wanted to pursue music ever since I was a small child. My circumstances did not really allow it, but after being through health complications I had an epiphany; “If not now then when?” and I begin to look for ways to put my emotional stories into lyrics which led me to my first five songs.
I took on the name Ale Amor after learning about the name Alessandro. Ale just sounded right to me because it’s so gender ambiguous and Amor came from my obsession with heart shapes and it’s symbolic meaning of emotion because the word “Amor” is Spanish for love. Also very connected to themes throughout my music

@skopemag: You just took home three GRMAs at the 2020 GRM Awards, how incredible was that and how special is that for you and your music?

@aleamor: Wow, where do I begin? Well it has definitely come as beautiful blessing to me. I’m always looking for places to share my music and perform and one day I learned about GRM Presents which had opportunities for artists to showcase their music. I started reaching out and eventually we we’re in touch. The I learned about the opportunity to perform at the GRMAs which I was so excited for. To be completely honest I was just happy to be able to perform on such a big event. When I heard my name being called the winner of the first award I was delightfully shocked, utterly “shooketh”.
I had to sit down for a long while to absorb what had just happened. I was in tears and disbelief because it means so much to me to be recognized for my hard work and dedication. This joyous feeling lasted all night as I was awarded the other two awards and then getting to perform. I was at a loss for words for describing how blessed I felt

@skopemag: Really like your single ‘Delirious (Away from Me 2.0 Live)’ – what is that song about to you and where did you write / record it?

@aleamor: Delirious is a song about a high school crush I had which I like most teenagers was too afraid to and never confessed my feelings for. At that time I didn’t even know what relationships were all about so in a sense I was “delirious” to think I’d be the perfect match for my crush. Delirious is that story about wanting a chance with somebody while being completely unaware of what a relationship actually takes to be a successful love story. I wrote this song coincidentally enough while I was going through an old family album with a picture that included said crush and I recorded it on my iPhone with some earbuds

@skopemag: When you are not making music what else do you enjoy doing?

@aleamor: When I’m not putting stories into lyrics I’m putting stories into paper and photographs. Drawing has been one of my talents that didn’t need of much understanding. I grab a pencil and paper and just let my imagination run wild. After a few sketches I end with something that I feel needs to be developed further and some of those drawings have turned into my Instagram posts. I also love helping out with community events and causes. I’ve been a long time member of Communities for a Better Environment because as someone who resides in the flatlands the impacts of major environmental injustice affects me very deeply too

@skopemag: What is coming up for the rest of 2020 and where can we follow / like / etc you?

@aleamor: I’ll be continuing with the production of my “Love Heart” EP for the rest of this year while also releasing fully developed tracks from my song idea collections of which “Offended” and “Delirious” are live on my SoundCloud. My handle for social media platforms is @aleamorx because surprise surprise @aleamor was already taken. My music lives on SoundCloud while my visuals can be seen on Instagram and YouTube and pretty soon Facebook and Twitter as well

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