RoboCash Customer Service

Customer service is essential to any business. The way you treat your consumers determines if they will be loyal or not. As they say, the Customer is always right, and this is a phrase that has made many firms prosper. On the other hand, same have fallen since they didn’t hear what their consumers needed.

Did you know great customer service beats poor marketing? Yes, if one Customer is satisfied with your services, they will refer the next person to seek your products or services.This is something RoboCash understands, and therefore they have invested heavily on it. 

The firm provides a 24/7 customer service that you can access anytime without delays. Furthermore, the firm has created an app that one can download and use to access funds and interact with our professionals.

RoboCash online loan, what is it? 

For you to understand what the loans are, we are going to break it down surgically. To begin, we are going to start with what is an online loan? Well, online loans are unsecured funds applied and acquired from online platforms. This means you’ll apply for short-term loans from your smartphone or computer. 

RoboCash is an online platform that offers personal loans without collateral. The online lending site provides consumers with funds at a low-interest rate. The funds have a tenure of 30 days maximum, though this depends on the payment plan you take up. The loans are provided at 1.5% interest per day, and they are approved faster.  

How does the RoboCash loan app work?

For your loan to be instantly approved, you need to have the RoboCash app installed in your device. Another way is to register at the app is installed, and a loan request is made, the artificial intelligence takes over. 

The system goes through your applications to determine if you’re eligible for the funds. This process is done without having any human interference, and the funds are then transferred once it is approved.

Here are the stage on how the app works

  • First, you need to download the RoboCash App from Play Store. 
  • The next step is installing and create an account on RoboCash.
  • During the registration process, you’ll be required to verify your ID. 
  • For the loan to be processed, you need to place a loan request. Here you will be required to give detailed personal information. The information you give has to be legit since the firm will go through the documents to ascertain this. If the info is incorrect, your loan request is declined.
  • Once you have filled the required information, wait for the loan decision. This takes a few minutes, and afterward, you’ll know if your loan request has been approved or not.  

RoboCash loan requirements

The firm offers personal loans to individuals who have met the legal requirements. The loan terms that you have to comply with are:

  • It’s the first thing when it comes to your loan application. You need to download and set up a RoboCash account.
  • You must be between the ages of 21-70 for your application to be approved.
  • You also need to be a Filipino citizen.
  • During the loan application, you must provide your government-issued ID.
  • You need to provide a current mobile number.
  • To qualify for the loan, you also need to be employed or self-employed or employed. 
  • If you can provide additional documents such as ID card or bank statement, PaySlip, ITR, DTI and COE, your chances of getting a loan are increased.

RoboCash loan reviews 

To prove that the firm works, here are some reviews that are given by consumers. Here we will discuss the positive and negative reviews given by our consumers. RoboCash support team will respond promptly to them.

1. Mary Grace Solinap 5 star rating

Great app. Highly recommended. Fast loan approval and immediately transferred to your preferred remittance. Thanks, RoboCash. Great help in times of crisis. 

Answer of RoboCash Team

Dear Mary, we’re grateful for your reply, and we’ll work with you to ensure you reach your full potential. 

2. Grichelle Almazan 4 star rating

Easy application and transaction. Though, you won’t get the amount that you applied for. They will deduct like service fees and everything, unlike the other app that I have used, which will give you an exact amount. But their customer service is nice and helpful, and this app is a big help if you need cash immediately. You can apply for a re-loan right after you settle your balance. 

Answer of RoboCash Team

Dear Grichelle, we are glad we could be of help. However, as stated on our terms and conditions, we have a processing fee deducted from the loan. If you have any further inquiries, our team will be ready to help. 

3. Gurwinder Sekhon 1 star rating

I was approved for a loan but had an error transferring fund to my account. The online chat support system is a total whack. I had to wait a long time to get a hold of the rep, and they don’t respond. Then you get disconnected once you have provided your details for verification. Disgusting. Reach out to me to get a better review!

Answer of RoboCash Team

Hello, Gurwinder. This isn’t a normal thing to happen, and it might be an error with the transfer. We apologize for this, and our team is ready to help you. Kindly contact us immediately at or email us at or call us at (02) 876-84-84. Our RoboCash customer service is open for you and ready to assist. Stay safe. 

RoboCash customer service

RoboCashservices are fully automated to ensure your queries and inquiries are responded to immediately. The RoboCash Philippines customer service works 24/7, and you can reach us anytime to resolve the issue. The company value your feedback, and they’ll respond quickly. Just look at how carefully the Robocash team responds to customer feedback and you will understand that every customer is important to this company.


RoboCash is a lending platform that is out to cater to your needs. They ensure your loan is approved within minutes, and the amount is transferred into your account immediately. This ensures you take care of the issues at hand when they arise.