Dangerous Hippies (members of Hinder) release infectious alt-pop track “Contagious Dangerous”

Even if you don’t know Dangerous Hippies, you probably know Dangerous Hippies! Cody Hanson and Marshal Dutton are 2/5th of the multi-platinum group Hinder. The duo have written and produced dozens of pop, alt, country and indie projects throughout the last decade- these musical explorations led them to create Dangerous Hippies in 2011. With a project that frees them from the confines of the active rock world, Hanson and Dutton have spent the last several years writing and perfecting new material under the DH moniker. 2020 (and its lack of touring) sees the duo releasing their most consistent and exciting tracks to date!

DSP – https://ffm.to/contagiousdangerous

“Contagious Dangerous” is the latest radio-friendly offering from the duo and highlights their ability to produce infectious mainstream pop that still references their alternative roots. A lush mix of electronic elements and a catchy melody (which showcases lead singer Marshal Dutton’s high flying vocals) evoke the best parts of radio staples like The Chainsmokers and Imagine Dragons while gritty industrial drum textures and a Linkin Park style accompanying vocal by Hanson lend a harder edge to the track.