Blueface teams up with Snoop Dogg to release new visual for “Respect My Cryppin’ (remix)”

Blueface has teamed up with his fellow California Crip Snoop Dogg to touch with visuals for the single “Respect My Cryppin’.” The new single comes along with a deluxe version of Famous Cryp. The project originally dropped in 2018 with ten tracks, but Blueface has returned with the Reloaded edition, adding 10 more tracks to the project. “Respect My Cryppin'” was a solo record until Snoop decided to add his silky smooth vocals for a remix.

“Respect My Cryppin'” comes along with a music video. That computer-animated video looks like PS2 graphics, which makes us wonder why they went for such low quality. It does give the video some vintage feel, but also is just hard to watch in the era of Xbox One X or PS4 graphics. Snoop and Blueface’s animated selves walk around in all blue as their soldiers prepare for war.