Moving, sharing and caring

Moving house has to be one of the most stressful events in your life. It isn’t just about physically moving your possessions, it is about building a new home, in a new location, becoming part of a new community, of cutting important bonds, leaving behind places special in your memory and important even to who you are as a person. And whilst such life-changing activities can take a long time to come to terms with, there are also a lot of very practical things which can be dealt with up front to avoid everything becoming too overwhelming.

On the days either side of the physical move you don’t want to be dealing with the small stuff, but it is often the small stuff which will cause annoyance and delays further down the line. Everything from re-directing your mail to making sure that you have an extra pair of hands when you need them, from changing home insurance details to scheduling a first grocery delivery for that first meal in the new home are all things that you can plan up front. These and many more tips can be found at this website.

And if you are friends or part of the family of those moving, even if you can’t contribute on the day, you can show your love in other ways. One of the best being a unique and well-chosen present. Whilst cards and fruit baskets are all well and good, perhaps something more personal might make for a more memorable gift. Something for the home so that that memory is jogged perhaps, anything from a simple picture to a small fruit tree for the garden. A great idea might be a gift set from Naked Winery to stock up that empty wine rack so that they have something to toast a successful move.

But not all moves are filled with the joys of fresh starts, as we get older and our circumstances change, often moves are made to downgrade the house once the children have flown the nest, because we retire into a smaller, more comfortable home or perhaps even because we opt to go into a nursing facility. The latter is always a difficult situation for anyone to cope with and filled with many additional questions such as regarding the level of care available, are your belongings safe, will you feel vulnerable or isolated? All the concerns of caring for loved ones as they enter a nursing facility are discussed at this great website so click here.

Life is about compassion. Whether you are starting a new life or slowing down into retirement, whether we are giving gifts or experiencing the joy of receiving them. Remember that as humans we are social animals, we need each other. A little thought and care can go a long, long way.