Traditional professions in the modern age

Whenever you see an article or a blog entry about employment and career opportunities, more often than not it is extolling the virtues of a job in the cutting-edge technologies of this brave, digital new world in which we find ourselves. These articles we have here now might be about everything from how to make your company more visible online to the latest zeitgeist such as how to become an “influencer”…whatever that might be!

But the reality is that the world hasn’t changed that much and most of the professions of the pre-digital age, especially the practical ones, are still as vital as ever. Perhaps more so, as the general population loses its ability to do basic maintenance and fix minor problems. So rather than be blinded by the glitz and glamour of digital marketing and computer programming options, those still planning their first step into the big wide world of work should remember that there are plenty of hands on careers to consider in 2020, practical trades – being a plumber, a civil engineer, a nurse or even a cartographer, all options discussed eloquently at this great website.You really should click here to read about businesses that will thrive especially after the global pandemic

And although many of the emerging, tech-based career paths will help build new potential and shape the future, we should not forget the past and particularly those who helped build the world we live in today. The ability to care might be something we as a species are getting less skilled at, but as the population lives longer, looking after our seniors is becoming a large sector of the healthcare industry.

One of the biggest problems for our aging population is loneliness and a sense of isolation, which is why a career in senior healthcare can be so rewarding. Companies such as Spectrum Healthcare are leading lights when it comes to providing companionship and assistance which allows our loved ones to stay in their own homes after retirement and still feel part of the community.

But even if you do chose to go down a more traditional career path, especially one which will require you to be self-employed or to work in a freelance manner, the way that companies get noticed has changed. Although word of mouth, business cards and newspaper ads might work locally, most business need to project further and that requires a good on-line reach. Not only does this require an appealing website and a good SEO plan, but incorporates conveniences such as on-line estimates and payments, social media and all the trappings of the modern business world, all things discussed here.

So the message is this. Just because there are masses of new career paths to be taken, you shouldn’t forget about the more traditional jobs too. They may not be cool but they are vital and that means that they can be very lucrative. And that, at the end of the day, is why we work.