Locked down but freed up

One of the silver-linings that has come with the trials and tribulations of the current lockdown is that many CEO’s have realized that whole sections of their business don’t require their staff to be physically present in the office. Technology such as e-mails, skype, zoom-calls and file sharing has allowed people to work from home, remotely or on the move and this is likely to see a shift in the traditional ways that businesses operate. One of the knock on effects of this is that many workers are now realizing that where they live and where their business is located have a less important relationship than in the past and so choosing where you might want to live has become even less restricted.

And with everything that is going on in the world right now, all the upheaval and the stress, it might seem like the wrong time to move. But perhaps it is the perfect time. If you have realized that you can work remotely or you have moved your business to an on-line platform then perhaps now is the time to find your dream location. If you can work on your laptop from a coffee shop whilst the move gets sorted, from the spare room or even the passenger seat of the movers van then so many factors make it the right time. The world is in a strange place at the moment, perhaps one more challenging event won’t make much difference. All these things and more are discussed at this website.

And as so many people find themselves furloughed or on reduced hours, many are revisiting their hobbies and even looking to turn pet projects into a financial concern with the extra time on their hands. But firstly you have to really be sure that you have what it takes. The obvious example of this is the amateur musician who wants to take a shot at making this their main income. But writing the songs and recording the albums are just the smaller, most obvious parts of the game. If you are not spending 40 hours a week working at this new career, writing, rehearsing, networking, marketing, honing your skills, raising your profile, doing whatever it takes, are you really taking things seriously? If you want a checklist of all the things that you might not have even considered about becoming a pro musician, there is a great one at this website.

But not everyone wants to turn their hobby into a business, most want to indulge in such activities as a way of relaxing and taking your mind off of the pressures and stresses of the day. The extra time that lockdown has afforded does mean that you can explore your interests deeper or even indulge new passions. Everything from writing to gardening, fitness to learning a new language, you might even want to brush up on your culinary skills or become a wine aficionado by attending wine tasting room to guide you through their lush liquid landscape.

Lockdown has been tough on everyone but if you are the sort of person who looks for the good in everything, who can hear an opportunity knocking or a door opening, even in these difficult times there is something to be gained.